“I got the winning DNA. This year is different” Yoon Bo-sang’s confidence in the ‘Park Chung-gyun effect’

This year is different. I got DNA and winning mentality.”

Seoul E-Land Yoon Bo-sang (30) is preparing for the new season with more confidence than ever before.

E-Land, which failed to promote last season, chose a change ahead of the 2023 season. He said goodbye to coach Jeong Jeong-yong, who had been with him for three years, and took over the baton to director Park Choong-gyun.

There are also several new faces in the squad. Key players such as Kim Yeon-su and Kim In-seong left, but Lee Sang-min, Lee Si-heon, and Park Chang-hwan joined the team. In addition, the club’s first Southeast Asian player, Van Toan, and the Brazilian striker Honan-Henan duo will also wear E-Land uniforms.

However, only the goalkeeper who will protect the goal remains the same. This season, E-Land has veteran goalkeeper Yoon Bo-sang, who recorded a 0.97 run rate last year. We met at the Changwon International Hotel on the afternoon of the 14th and talked to reporters with a confident expression.

Yoon Bo-sang set the goal of direct promotion, saying that he had inherited his “winning DNA” from coach Park Chung-gyu. He said, “As a player, I have greed for (promotion). Managing Director Kim Cheon also came down, but I want to be promoted directly. If I go to the playoffs, I think my heart will suffer too much.” The coach’s confidence continues to lead us. If the players’ potential is 70%, he brings out 90% and 100%. This year, we will work really hard so that we can win.”

In particular, Yoon Bo-sang exclaimed that this year is really different. He said, “This year is different. I shouldn’t say this, but the club, staff, and players have all become one. It’s the most troublesome time, but there are no troubles.” He says we should be one. We are now. The young players are also motivated because the coach gave 메이저놀이터everyone equal opportunities and instilled a sense of competition. It feels like the team is gradually climbing together. It’s the best thing in my football life. It’s an exciting season,” he said.

Next, Yoon Bo-sang said, “All the troubles went away because the coach charismatically handled the team well. It’s much better than last year. I think this year is the best. Coach Lee Ho, coach Jeong Hyuk, and goalkeeper coach all have a lot of experience. If you do it, you tell the players whether you can win or achieve your goals.”

Yoon Bo-sang said, “I have always wondered, ‘Why do those people win?’ “In fact, I heard a lot of stories last year that our team members were in the first division, but the grades were not good. Looking back now, I think (soccer) is not just a member. I think that it is unity and a mental fight. It costs a lot. This year is a season I’m really looking forward to,” he repeatedly emphasized.

Yoon Bo-sang declared that E-Land is no longer a ‘Yoon Bo-sang one-man team’, but a ‘one team’. He said, “I’m personally grateful, but I hope the team gets more attention than me.” I think it’s good. I’m really looking forward to it. This year, I think every day that it will be a real one team.”

Lastly, Yoon Bo-sang promised to turn the tears of frustration shed last season into tears of joy. He said, “I had a really strong sense of responsibility last year. To be honest, I had no intention of coming to the second division last year. However, the club members came down from Seoul to Naju and persuaded me by presenting a vision. Seeing such sincerity and good treatment, I made up my mind to transfer.” said.

In addition, Yoon Bo-sang said, “If you are a professional player, you have to do as much as you received. So, I played with the mindset of ‘I’ll do my best’, but after the last match, I cried a lot.” It was hard. With that mindset, I have been training until now. I am training with the mindset of a rookie. I will shed tears of joy this year.”

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