I didn’t watch it properly and repeated the video reading… Controversy over professional volleyball decisions

On the 7th, when the ‘Preview Championship Series’ match between Korean Air, who ranked first in professional volleyball, and Hyundai Capital, who ranked second, was held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon, controversy erupted again.

Hyundai Capital’s Heo Soo-bong delivered a powerful spike serve in the second set, 23-23, with Hyundai Capital leading by a set score of 1-0.

Korean Air libero Park Ji-hoon stably received the ball, and setter Han set the ball accurately, and Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln) solved the set point for Korean Air.

Then, I applied for a video review right from the Hyundai Capital bench.

The moment Park Ji-hoon served, Jung Ji-seok, who was next to him, also fell down and tried to receive together, but it was claimed that it was a for-hit because it brushed by Jung Ji-seok’s hand.

The match commissioner checked the broadcasting screen caught in the air and immediately accepted the Hyundai Capital bench’s argument and overturned the decision.

This time, the Korean Air players were greatly agitated.

Jeong Ji-seok, who tried to receive, felt unfair, saying, “I really couldn’t reach it,” and other players also protested to the referees.

The backlash was so strong that Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikhainen soothed the players by saying, “There is no need for this.”

When the fuss did not subside, the competition commissioner issued another video review result saying, “It was confirmed that it was not a four-hit.”

It is an admission that the first reading was wrong.

The problem is that I read it hastily.

The match commissioner declared a for-hit by only looking at the relay screen caught in the air, but after that, the relay broadcaster released the video caught behind the Korean Air players.

In the video, it was confirmed that the ball did not touch Jung Ji-seok’s hand. 메이저놀이터

When the decision was overturned due to an uncertain process, Choi Tae-woong, manager of Hyundai Capital, spurred on.

When coach Choi protested the overturning of the decision, assistant referee Jeon Young-ah only repeated, “I’m sorry.”

Director Choi raised his voice, saying, “They said they couldn’t reread it on the 27th, so why are the rules going back and forth?”

The match coach Choi mentioned is a match between KB Insurance and KEPCO.

At that time, Hu In-jeong, director of KB Insurance, requested a video review of KEPCO’s Park Chan-woong’s net touch.

Looking at the slow screen, Chan-Woong Park’s arm was clearly touched, but the competition committee member in charge of the video review announced a no-touch.

In response to coach Hu’s protest at the time, the assistant referee insisted, “The reading is correct, but it cannot be overturned even if it is unfair,” even though there is a rule for rereading at the discretion of the referee.

In the end, the assistant referee and match commissioner of the game were excluded from the assignment for 3 games, and the referee was suspended for 1 game.

The match commissioner, who was punished for an incorrect reading 10 days ago, brought controversy again today with a careless decision.