‘I can’t believe it’, PL last in 2023… The ‘hopeless fall’ of a prestigious club

The prestigious Premier League is collapsing from the beginning of 2023.

Liverpool, led by Jurgen Klopp.

It turns out that Liverpool are in last place out of 20 clubs when it comes to New Year’s Premier League matches alone.

The European statistical media WhoScored.com published a significant statistic on the 7th. Liverpool are at the bottom of the Premier League in terms of points this year.

Liverpool, who is having the worst year in the 2022/23 season, wanted to improve after the Qatar World Cup break, but it is falling even more.

On the 3rd, we lost 1-3 in the first game of the new year against Brentford, and then lost 0-3 in the away game against Brighton on the 14th. Then, they drew 0-0 with Chelsea, and again lost 0-3 to Wolverhampton on the 5th.

There was a handicap of 3 away matches out of 4 matches, but in the new year, 1 draw and 3 losses are being humiliated토토사이트. He scored only one goal and conceded 9 goals. The difference in score is -8.

Crystal Palace (2 draws, 3 losses) and Bournemouth (1 draw, 3 losses, -6 goal difference) were also ranked at the bottom.

Liverpool tried to cheer up the atmosphere by signing one of the stars of the World Cup in Qatar, Dutch Cody Hakpo, for the New Year’s start, but Hakpo is also struggling to adapt and is unable to raise the mood.

However, the British media believes that Liverpool still has a high chance of reaching the semifinals by mobilizing supercomputers.

Meanwhile, 1st place in the New Year’s Premier League was Nottingham Forest with 3 wins and 2 draws, with 11 points. 2nd place is the ‘Team of Storm’ Brighton (3 wins, 1 draw), and 3rd place is Brentford, who also took 3 wins and 1 draw.

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