Hwang Sun-woo vs. Pan Zhan-er to face off in Asian Games!

South Korean swimming sensation Hwang Sun-woo has been highlighted as an athlete to watch at the Asian Games.

Woo Sang-hyuk was also mentioned as a rival to Barsim.

Olympic.com, the official website of the Olympic Games, included Hwang Sun-woo, the only Korean athlete, in its list of 10 athletes to watch at the Asian Games.

It described the two-time World Aquatics Championships medalist as “set for an exciting battle with China’s Fan Zhanle in the 100 and 200 meters freestyle.”

In the 100 meters, the 19-year-old Pan Zhanle, who holds the Asian record with a time of 47.22, is ahead of former Asian record holder Hwang Sunwoo.

[Hwang Sun-woo / National Swimming Team: In the 100m freestyle, Pan Zhan-er is doing very well, and I’m training hard to catch up].

Olympics.com reports that Huang Sunwu is also within 0.03 seconds of Sun Yang’s Asian record in the 200 meters, and highlights the Huang Sunwu-Fan Zhanle rivalry based on this season’s results.

[Chinese broadcasters’ note: The men’s 200m freestyle is the most competitive event at the Asian Games, as it will be decided under 1:45].

In the high jump, he weighed in on Varshim, the strongest man alive.

“Barsim said he considers the World Championships and Asian Games to be the most important events of the year.”

In fact, Barsim has won gold at both Asian Games, except for Jakarta, where he missed the competition.

“Barshim’s main rival is Woo Sang-hyuk,” Olympic.com reported, noting that the two athletes’ seasonal records are separated by just one centimeter.먹튀검증

[Woo Sang-hyuk / National Athletics Team: I will try my best to win until the Asian Games. I am very grateful for the people who always support me].

The race between Hwang Sun-woo and Pan Zhan-ler, which starts on the 24th, and the golden showdown between Barshim and Woo Sang-hyuk on the 4th of next month, are already being touted as the highlights of the Hangzhou Games.

I’m Bong Kook Seo for YTN.

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