Hwang In-soo, the ‘strongest middleweight’, jumped into kickboxing, Myung-hyeon’s main battleground, and proves his worth!

Prove your own value!

Hwang In-soo (29), the strongest Korean middleweight, conveyed his determination to the fans.

‘Road FC middleweight champion’ Hwang In-soo will participate in ‘Goobne Road FC 063’ dp held at the Goyang General Gymnasium in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 25th and have a special match with ‘the strongest standing’ Myung Hyun-man (38).

It is a special match with kickboxing rules of 4 minutes and 3 rounds, but kickboxing is the main battleground for Myeonghyeon-man.

As Hwang In-soo challenges his opponent in kickboxing스포츠토토, martial arts fans say that Hwang In-soo’s challenge is ‘reckless’. However, Hwang In-soo is not giving in and is enduring his time of agony to prove his skill.

The following is a countdown written by Hwang In-soo himself.

Hello, I’m Hwang In-soo, the middleweight champion of Road FC.

As it’s been a long time since we’ve had a match, we’re working hard to give our fans a lot of fun and excitement. As much as you are interested in me, I will prepare well without injury and repay you with a cool and hot game.

I think ‘a life worth doing and proving that others can’t do’. I will prove it again. Prove your own worth. Go for it!!!

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