Hill, a promising prospect pushed by Son Heung-min, eventually prospects for his home team Sevilla

In the end, Son Heung-min’s wall was high. Youngster Brian Hill is leaving Tottenham. He returns to his home team on loan.

British media including Sky Sports reported that Hill arrived in Seville, Spain on the afternoon of the 30th (local time). Seville is Hill’s hometown. A native of Sevilla youth, Hill spent his loan life at Leganes and Aibar after his professional contract in 2019. He transferred to Tottenham in July 2021. However, he did not receive the opportunity due to his failure to adapt. In January 2022, he lived on loan in Valencia, Spain. He returned to Tottenham ahead of this season. He showed advanced skills. However, it was pushed back in the physical and the like. reached the limit. 스포츠토토

Here, there was ‘Son Heung-min’ on the left wing, the main position of the hill. Hill was still not enough to surpass Son Heung-min. Hill has played only 11 games in the league this season, including 4 games. In the meantime, Tottenham brought Danzuma in the winter transfer market. Hill’s position narrowed.

Sevilla reached out to Hill. It was a rental card. Hill also headed to Sevilla to compete. Tottenham is also an opportunity to use surplus resources effectively. Hill arrived in Seville and is undergoing medical treatment. A lease recruitment official is expected to appear soon.

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