‘Heavy Rain Ceremony Explosion’ Ronaldo wins MOM despite defeat in Meho War

Cristiano Ronaldo made his unofficial Saudi Arabia debut and was named man of the match against Lionel Messi.

On the 20th (Korean time), Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), who had a friendly match at King Fayed Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, defeated the Riyadh United Team 5-4. The Riyadh United Team is an all-star team formed by Al Nasr and Al Hilal. Ronaldo, who recently transferred to Al Nasr, and Jang Hyun-soo, a Korean player of Al-Hilal, were included. 안전놀이터

It was a fierce game, and PSG neglected defense and focused on attack, and both teams were able to score a lot of shots. Messi, Jang Hyun-soo, and Mbappe scored one goal each, and Ronaldo scored two goals. Ronaldo returned to the starting point twice with a penalty kick goal in the 34th minute of the first half and a field goal in the extra time of the first half. After a long time, he held a ‘heavy rain’ ceremony in front of the Saudi audience. He played well until the 16th minute of the second half and was replaced.

After the match, Ronaldo was named the best player. Although the team was defeated, Ronaldo, who was recognized for his individual performance, was awarded with a bright expression.

Ronaldo, who transferred to Al Nasr earlier this month, was unable to make his official debut due to the suspension he received from Manchester United prior to the transfer, so this was his first match in front of the Saudi public. He made people look forward to his life in Saudi Arabia with his lively performance.

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