“Have you come to Japan?” El Salvador, which is too weak, has no meaning in 6-0… Klinsmann is also worried

Japan defeated El Salvador. Even after winning big, the reaction is “It’s a pity” because of the opponent’s level.

Japan, led by coach Hajime Moriyasu, won a huge 6-0 victory over El Salvador in an A-match evaluation match held at Toyota Stadium on the 15th. In the first half alone, scoring 4 goals amid fireworks, the opponent sent off and even took a numerical advantage to finish with a sweeping victory.메이저사이트

As Japan started the match, Takefusa Kubo took a free kick and Shogo Taniguchi headed the net. Three minutes later, Ueda Ayase succeeded in a self-made penalty kick, making it 2-0 less than five minutes after kick-off.

In the course of the penalty kick, El Salvador was sent off and the pendulum of the game tilted even more. Naturally, Japan continued to score goals. In the 25th minute of the first half, Kubo kicked it with his left foot to make it 3-0, and in the 45th minute, Doan Ritsu joined the scoring race.

Japan, who made the score 4-0 only in the first half, continued to score goals in the second half. In the 15th minute of the second half, Keito Nakamura received a pass from Kubo and scored the 5th goal. Japan put weight on the test by appointing various players to collapsed El Salvador.

Nevertheless, in the 28th minute of the second half, Kyogo Furuhashi even scored a goal to put an end to the 6-0 victory. Even with a 6-0 win, it was one-sided enough that the score difference seemed small.

I have doubts about the A-match effect. El Salvador, ranked 75th in the FIFA rankings, has an objective power difference with Japan, which is ranked 20th. However, if the score difference is this much, the meaning of the evaluation game to find and compensate for weaknesses is lost.

Tanaka Tullio, former defender of the Japanese national team, said on his YouTube channel, “If you are not a strong opponent, you will waste the evaluation match like this. El Salvador is like a tour to Japan.” You have to stick with your opponent,” he pointed out.

Japan’s regrets apply equally to Klinsmann, which will soon face El Salvador. As soon as Korea finishes its match against Peru, it will face El Salvador. With the launch of Klinsman, it should be a more fruitful experience for the 4th opponent, but looking at Japan’s reaction, it is questionable whether it will help to check the power

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