‘God of contact’ Araez, hit machine ‘only 40% run’

Obviously, the long hitting power is poor. However, it is clear that his contact ability to hit the ball with the bat is the best in his current career. Luis Araez (26) continues to march high in the 40% range.

Araez recorded a batting average of 0.444, 1 home run, 9 RBIs, 8 runs, 32 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.506 OPS of 1.090 in 20 games of the season until the 25th (Korean time).

Out of 32 hits,메이저놀이터 only 7 were long hits. He has 5 doubles, 1 triple and 1 home run. Slugging power can be considered below average.

However, his ability to produce hits is unmatched. Araez has produced hits in 17 of 20 games this season.

In addition, Araez has multi-hits in 10 of 20 games, and has two 4-hit games. As a result, his batting average is rarely below 40%.

After the opening, there is only one Araez left among the 40% hitters. The gap with Brandon Marsh, who is second in overall batting average in the major leagues, is 8 pennies.

Ara Ez doesn’t walk a lot because of his aggressiveness at the plate, but he strikes out very few. He struck out just four in 81 at-bats this season.

Also, his high batting average continued from the minor leagues. Araez recorded an average batting average of 0.331 for 7 years in the minor leagues from 2015, when he played his rookie season.

In particular, in 2019, after recording 0.343 in double A and 0.349 in triple A, after entering the major leagues, he flew to 0.334 in 92 games.

He also posted a batting average of 0.316 in 144 games last year, leading the American League in this category. Araez is the hitter who stopped Aaron Judge (31) from winning three batting titles.

Araez, who boasted accurate hitting from the moment of his major league debut, has a career batting average of a whopping 0.321. It is not expected to drop this season.

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