Fnatic’s worst slump… Legend ‘Pucks’ “Use of rookies, should be done from the beginning of the season”

As Fnatic, one of the prestigious teams in the ‘LOL EMEA Championship (hereinafter referred to as LEC)’, suffered the worst slump in 2023, the possibility of advancing to the international competition ‘LOL World Championship (hereinafter referred to as LEC) is very low. . Regarding Fnatic’s difficult situation, European superstar Luka “Pucks” Perkovich pointed out the use of players. ‘Perks’ emphasized, “If you want to appoint a rookie, you have to match the sum from the first season.”

In Week 1 of the 2023 LEC 안전놀이터 Spring Season, which was held at the LEC Studio in Berlin, Germany from the 12th to the 14th (hereinafter Korean time), Fnatic started the season at the bottom (tied for 9th place) after losing consecutively to Excel, SK Gaming, and Vitality. Fnatic, which failed to advance to the playoffs in the winter season, is hardly finding a way out in the spring season. They are on a seven-game losing streak since the winter season.

After the schedule for the first week was over, ‘Puckz’ pointed out the problem with Fnatic’s selection of players in an official interview. Fnatic began the spring season by calling up players from the 2nd team as the existing players continued to slump. They replaced top laner Martin “Wonder” Hansen and support Ruben “Looks” Barbossa with Oscar “Oskarinin” Muñoz and Henk “Advien” Reisenga, respectively.

‘Oskarinin’ is the first team stage, and ‘Advien’ is a rookie who has only played 16 games in the first team stage over the past two years. Accordingly, they are holding a proper ceremony after the opening of the spring season. ‘Pucks’ said, “From the first game of this year, we have to appoint rookies. Better to bring in a veteran. From the second season, there is not enough time to nurture newcomers or integrate them into the team.”

In addition, ‘Puckz’ saw former teammate Martin ‘Wonder’ Hansen as useful to the team. It is an opinion that the strength of veterans is needed. ‘Puckz’ said, “Having ‘Wonder’ on the bench will make Fnatic an even worse team.

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