‘First aid for a fallen colleague’, shining comradeship in a fierce game, ‘The older brother who stood up conveyed his gratitude to his younger brother’

‘Heo Do-hwan, who had fallen under one roof, was shocked when he stood up again’

Jamsil Stadium, which showed hot weather over 30 degrees. A catcher who has to sit down and stand up hundreds of times wearing a mitt and protective equipment, the heaviest glove in the baseball position. A catcher has to prepare a lot to play a game. From the pitcher’s lead to the ball distribution by batter, the catcher is sometimes called the commander-in-chief on the ground.안전놀이터

On the 17th, a game was played between the eternal rivals LG Twins and Doosan Bears, who shared Jamsil Stadium. LG, who won 7-4 on the first day of 3 consecutive matches, lost 5 consecutive wins, and Doosan, who lost, fell into 3 consecutive losses.

To continue the winning streak, LG put Kelly on the mound and Doosan put Lee Young-ha on the mound as starting pitchers. There was a variable before the game. Doosan’s main catcher Yang Eui-ji was selected as the starting pitcher, while LG’s main catcher Park Dong-won was left out of the starting lineup due to symptoms of enteritis.

Heo Do-hwan wore a mask on behalf of the main catcher Park Dong-won that day and guarded the living room.

Veteran catcher Heo Do-hwan did his best to make pitching comfortable for Kelly, whose main weapon is a curveball, with a seasoned lead and stable blocking.

A dizzying scene was created in the game with Yang Eui-ji, who entered the at-bat with 2nd out and 2nd base in the 3rd inning, which was trailing 2-1. In order to induce a 2B 2S ground ball or miss swing, catcher Heo Do-hwan gave a curve sign. The moment the curve with a large drop left Kelly’s hand and bounced, Heo Do-hwan threw himself and tried to block.

Starting pitcher Kelly, who is worried about the collapsed Huh Do-hwan, and Yang Eui-ji and Kim Seon-seon, center referees, continue to provide first aid.
Batter Eui-ji Yang picked out the ball and catcher Do-hwan Heo seemed to block the ball with his body. A problem arose at this time. In the process of blocking, Heo Do-hwan, who was hit by a ball in the neck without any protective equipment, fell forward.

Eui-ji Yang and Seon-seon Kim, who saw the fallen catcher Do-hwan Heo, turned over and secured an airway, and at the same time removed the protective equipment and belts that were pressuring the body, and quickly gave first aid. Even the waiting medical staff and coaches immediately came out to the ground to check Heo Do-hwan’s condition.

Both teammates were also worried about the collapsed Heo Do-hwan. Fortunately, Heo Do-hwan, whose breathing returned immediately, stood up on his own. Kelly, who came running from the mound in surprise, looked at Heo Do-hwan with worried eyes, holding catcher equipment and a mitt in her hands.

Heo Do-hwan, who was holding his breath and stretched his neck after being struck by the pitch, signaled that he could run toward his bench. Heo Do-hwan, wearing protective equipment again, made a gesture of thanks to his junior Yang Eui-ui and Kim Seon-seon, the umpire.

Heo Do-hwan, who was frozen again, expressed his gratitude to his junior Yang Eui-ji.
It was a situation where he could get hit by a pitch again in the blocking process, but it was a game where Heo Do-hwan’s fighting spirit, who kept the home until the ninth inning, shone. The game was unfortunately lost 7-4, but LG fans applauded Heo Do-hwan’s devoted play for the team that day.

It is a ground where fierce matches are played every day, but the actions of Yang Eui-ji and Kim Seon-seon, the center referees, who promptly performed first aid the moment a colleague collapsed, also shined.

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