‘FIFA Forward Program’ led by Chairman Infantino, who has been in power for three consecutive terms… Supports 7.8 billion won to Korea

 Gianni Infantino, president of the International 안전놀이터 Football Federation (FIFA), is likely to have a third consecutive term. Chairman Infantino, who took over as chairman in 2016, is about to serve another four years.

FIFA will hold a presidential election at the 73rd FIFA General Assembly being held in Kigali, Rwanda on the 16th. Since the current chairman Infantino was the only candidate running for the presidency in December last year, a second term is likely.

Chairman Infantino was elected chairman in 2016 after former chairman Jeff Blatter resigned from the chairmanship due to corruption issues. Following the three years that President Blatter failed to fill, he succeeded in reappointment in 2019 and continued the role of’Football President’ for the seventh year. Although FIFA newly established a rule in 2016 that the combined term of office of the president cannot exceed 12 years, the term of the former president is not included. For this reason, Chairman Infantino can aim for the presidency up to 2031.

One of the achievements of President Infantino as the head of FIFA is the introduction of the video review system (VAR). He also pledged in the 2019 election to increase the number of participating countries to 48 starting with the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America. In fact, FIFA declared 48 countries to participate, and at a general meeting on the 15th, the format of the World Cup in North and Central America, in which 48 countries will participate, was confirmed. 12 groups of 4 teams are formed, and 8 teams with the best results among the top 2 and 3rd place 12 teams advance to the round of 32 tournament.

This decision is expected to improve FIFA’s financial situation. This is because the number of games has increased significantly from 64 to 104, and the duration of the tournament has also increased from around 31 days to 39 days.

FIFA’s revenue is distributed to the 211 member countries and used for the development of football. FIFA has been running the ‘FIFA Forward Program’ since the arrival of President Infantino. This program, which is under the leadership of the president, distributes the proceeds from FIFA-sponsored global tournaments to 211 member countries so that they can be used for the development of grassroots football in each country.

In fact, FIFA distributed 1.746 billion dollars (approximately 2.2788 trillion won) through this program from 2019 to 2022, and it is known that Korea received 6 million dollars (approximately 7.8 billion won) during this period. Following this, FIFA announced that funding to Korea is expected to increase by 29% over the next four years.

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