‘Festival’ ends → Back to ‘Battlefield’… Is there a rival to Woori Bank in ‘River 1’

 I thoroughly enjoyed the festival. I laughed to my heart’s content without any enemies or allies. After such a pleasant day, we head back to the battlefield. As expected, Asan Woori Bank stands out. The point is whether a team can come out to control the solo run.

Before the entertainment of the 2022-2023 Shinhan Bank SOL Women’s Professional Basketball All-Star Festival, which ended on the 8th, is back in regular league mode. The directors I met at the All-Star Festival all said, “The important thing is the second half. prepared hard. I will definitely show a good look for the rest of the season,” he said in unison.

The opening of the second half is the match between Woori Bank and Busan BNK on the 14th. It’s a battle for 1st and 3rd place. It is a game in which you can gauge the dominance of the second half. Woori Bank made 16 wins and 1 loss in 17 games in the first half, with an odds ratio of 0.941. It was 5 games ahead of Samsung Life Insurance in 2nd place and 5.5 games ahead of BNK in 3rd place.

It doesn’t seem like it will ever go away By recruiting Kim Dan-bi to the existing line-up such as Park Hye-jin, Park Ji-hyun, Choi Yi-sam, and Kim Jong-un, they built a ‘cheolongseong’. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a national team without Park Ji-soo and Kang I-seul (KB).

Director Wi Seong-woo is not vigilant. “Isn’t there a case where you keep winning and fall into mannerisms? There are times when you think, “I’m going to win again like this.” Be careful. The director must stop it. That is my role,” he emphasized. 토토사이트

There are also enemies inside. It’s an injury. Park Hye-jin took a break from plantar fasciitis at the end of the first half. Her sister Choi Yi-sam also has plantar fasciitis. Large cracks can occur if it leads to major injuries. So far, it is at the level of ‘concern’. It is still ‘River 1’.

Conversely, the atmosphere may change if a team that defeats Woori Bank’s momentum comes out. If we were to pick a strong team, it would be Samsung Life Insurance and BNK. However, Samsung Life has a bad news that Kiana Smith and Lee Joo-yeon are out of the season.

The remaining team is BNK. Kim Han-byul, Jinan, Ahn Hye-ji, and Lee So-hee hold out. This is also the national team lineup. There is another weapon called ‘youth’. This kind of BNK clashes with Woori Bank. If BNK wins, the top ranking may be shaken quite a bit.

If you look down the leaderboard, you will see 4th and 5th places. The 5th place KB, with Park Ji-soo returning, is aiming for the 4th place Shinhan Bank. It’s not an easy situation because it’s been 4 games, but Park Ji-soo is a presence that can cover the league. Iseul Kang, who showed a good shooting feeling in the All-Star game, also has a great presence.

Shinhan Bank has a grievance of having to block both inside and outside. In particular, the relatively low height is a concern. Of course, I have no intention of quality. Gunadan coach and players risked ‘life and death’. Both KB and Shinhan Bank have 13 games left. I just think ‘we’ll win’.

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