Edmund, who couldn’t come to Korea, how do you spend your precious 4 days and 3 nights?

 Tommy ‘Hyun-su’ Edman (St. Louis) could not come to Korea even though he was a member of the Korean WBC (World Baseball Classic) team.

However, he split his time and decided to go to Korea, and he intends to make full use of that short period before leaving Japan. He is determined not to miss baseball or his roots.

Edmund was born through Incheon International Airport on the 1st and stepped on Korean soil for the first time. He is a ‘Korean-American’ with his mother being Korean, but he was born and raised in the United States and never had a chance to come to the Korean Peninsula.

Perhaps that is why Edmon dared to choose the way back. In fact, active major leaguers do not have to join the national team early before the WBC카지노사이트. Two days before the official evaluation, which is the designated convening day, they can gather at the place where the game will be held. So Edmund was also expected to join Osaka, not Korea. The Korean national team expected to join Gocheok Dome, but in the end it was a matter for Edman to decide.

However, Edmund chose to go via Seoul rather than Osaka, the designated convening place for the national team. The joining date was also pulled from the 4th to the 1st. When this happens, he has to travel to Japan again after filming in Korea, so he travels frequently. The actual stay in Korea is not long. However, Edman showed his will to use that short time preciously.

After arriving in Korea, he was asked several times about Korea, his mother’s country. He first introduced the ‘properties’ he had learned so far, saying, “He gave me advice about Korean culture. I was told to greet older people politely” by her mother, Kwak Gyeong-ah.

Edmund will not be able to participate in the practice match against the SSG Futures team on the 3rd. He plans instead to adapt to the fast ball as he stands at the plate when he pitches live. He is busy playing baseball and resting for three days, but Edmund revealed that he will also spend time with his maternal grandmother, who is staying in Seoul. Edmund said, “I live in LA, but now I’m in Korea. The training time is tight, but I’ll try to meet you once or twice when the time is right.”

Participating in the WBC and visiting my mother’s country are important things, but winning is the most important thing. Edman said, “I will try to help Korea win,” and vowed to fly past Tokyo to Miami, where the semifinals will be held.

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