Don’t look for happiness, it’s always inside you said Pythagoras

Everyone is looking for happiness, the inner satisfaction that fills our soul, that is, good and favorable luck. According to Kant, happiness is “the satisfaction of all our inclinations, both in extent, that is, in multiplicity, and in intensity, that is, in duration.” 먹튀검증

Happiness is within us, lived practically and cultivated. According to research by the University of Missouri, the parameters of Happiness are the following: Self-Awareness, Autonomy, Optimism, Reward, Self-Esteem, Sensibility, Decisiveness, Extroversion, Interpersonal Relationships, Positive Image, New Stimuli.

A new study suggests that hard work may be the key to happiness. Specifically, the effort to achieve a goal at work gives us maximum satisfaction. A good mood and a positive attitude towards life is the best medicine to stop time.

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