Corea, who dreamed of a jackpot, went round and round and made a ‘U-turn’ in Minnesota

. In the end, it was the Minnesota Twins. Top-class shortstop Carlos Correa (29), who was considered one of the biggest free agents (FA) of the US Major League (MLB) this year and agreed to two super-large contracts of $ 300 million, but failed to join due to medical test problems, returned to Minnesota, where he played last year. come back.

On the 12th, foreign media such as the official homepage of the US Major League, ‘’, announced that “the contract between Corea and Minnesota has been finalized.” The terms of the contract are 6 years and 200 million dollars (approximately 249.6 billion won). Here, there is an additional option worth up to 70 million dollars (87.4 billion won) over the next four years. It is the longest-running and highest-paying record in Minnesota club history.

Correa’s contract was a journey that was so long that it was called “a completely unpredictable drama” even in the US. Correa himself also said at the press conference that he joined, “Unexpectedly, I traveled all over the United States and came back here again.” “The contract process was difficult, but the results are satisfactory. It’s great to be back in Minnesota,” he said.

After the 2021 season, Correa was ranked as the largest free agent among all free agents. In addition, interest was focused on the two’s move as they were released as free agents with Corey Seager (29) at the shortstop position. Seager, who has the same position and is the same age, signed a 10-year, $325 million contract with Texas, but Correa’s contract was sluggish. Even if Corea and Seager are considered equal in terms of hitting ability, a contract that surpasses Seager was expected as Correa received a higher score in defense. However, Correa’s shameless remarks rather than reflection in relation to the ‘sign stealing’ scandal in Houston raised concerns that it would cause problems with team chemistry, and it was a big market team that could handle himself, New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter. While showing a protruding behavior, he reduced the team he was going to. In the end, it was only in March of last year, when the season was about to open, that he signed a 3-year, 105.3 million dollar contract with Minnesota that far fell short of expectations. However, by putting an opt-out (contract termination) clause in his contract every year, it led to observations that he would aim for free agency.

Correa, who proved his skills last year with a batting average of 0.291, 22 home runs and 70 RBIs, came out to the free agent market again as predicted, and this time a contract exceeding $300 million was expected. As expected, the San Francisco Giants, who had lost the New York Yankees and the home run king Aaron Judge, offered Correa 350 million dollars for 13 years in December of last year to make Correa the cornerstone of the rebuilding. Correa also accepted this, but it was canceled 3 hours before the joining press conference. This is because San Francisco took issue with Correa’s history of ankle surgery during his minor league days. 온라인바카라

The New York Mets, who were watching this, started intercepting Correa and gave her 315 million dollars in 12 years. However, this time, negotiations were delayed for more than two weeks as they wanted to revise the contract due to the medical test as an issue.

Eventually, Correa turned around and held hands with Minnesota, the team he belonged to last season. He didn’t make it past $300 million, with a maximum of 10 years and $270 million. The guarantee period is six years, which is somewhat humiliating for Correa, who valued the contract period rather than the annual average amount. Attention is focusing on whether Correa will prove his health this season and prove that he is the best shortstop in his career.

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