‘Coach/Fan curse word’ Kim Seo-hyun .. disciplined before debut

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Kim Seo-hyun, who joined Hanwha with the first overall pick in the professional baseball rookie draft last year, was found to have posted inappropriate content on social media, and was punished by the club.

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Yesterday, Hanwha’s 안전놀이터US spring camp training ground.

Before the full-scale training, a team meeting was held.

After the meeting, captain Jung Woo-ram approached Kim Seo-hyun.

And I’m going to have a conversation with his shoulder.

Seohyun Kim also nodded and listened to the story of the great senior.

In the end, Kim Seo-hyun was excluded from the training and left the team, packed her things and returned to the dorm.

Recently, it was revealed that Kim Seo-hyun expressed dissatisfaction with his coach’s training method through his private SNS account and also posted abusive language towards fans.

During the fact-checking process, Kim Seo-hyun acknowledged that the post was hers, and the Hanwha club decided to exclude Kim Seo-hyun from team training for three days, saying that this was an inappropriate behavior.

It is unusual for the most notable rookie to be disciplined before even debuting.

Player Kim Seo-hyun, don’t forget this incident, and he should remember the saying that no player is greater than the team.

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