‘Club slander?’ KGC’s requested Carrot Director Kim Seung-gi’s Finance Committee. Why are the results noteworthy?

The conflict between Goyang Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi and Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation is amplifying.

In the end, even the Finance Committee requested KGC.

Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi was asked about Carrot’s financial difficulties at a locker room press conference ahead of the Suwon KT game on the 10th. The team’s salary was delayed for two months in a row due to the club’s financial difficulties, and the February salary was also paid on the afternoon of the 10th.

Director Kim said ‘bouncing’. He said, “The KGC coaching days were more difficult than now. I learned a lot about what I cherish at the time. I am running the team while reducing everything. I am really grateful.”

It was a sarcastic remark about the time when support was not enough during the KGC days. In addition, KGC took issue with this remark and requested KBL to hold a finance committee in an official document.

On the afternoon of the 13th, KBL said, “We are reviewing the case of director Kim Seung-gi’s slander against a specific club토토사이트. We will hold a Finance Committee at 10 am on the 14th.” .

Behind director Kim’s criticism was KGC’s austerity budget. The leading figure was the previous leader who left the KGC basketball team in May 2022.

He had a lot of conflicts with coach Kim, and even tried to take the initiative in the front by making a bylaw that ‘KGC sports teams do not sign contracts with the commander for more than two years’. In the end, coach Kim achieved good results at KGC, but moved the team to Carrot. Of course, the conflict with the former leader,

In addition, the extreme financial austerity brought a lot of dissatisfaction to the team. Although KGC won the championship, it was basic that they did not actively invest in the squad. It was also criticized for reducing support for goods given to players. There are numerous episodes here. Because of this, KGC fans protested the stingy investment by holding a ‘truck demonstration’ at the time.

The KGC front desk and players know it well. Fortunately, the current KGC high-ranking officials were well aware of these conflicts and have put things back to normal.

In other words, what Director Kim said about ‘things he treasured during his KGC days’ is a fact. Of course, director Kim’s remarks are ‘unconventional’. There is plenty of potential for conflict with KGC. However, it remains to be seen whether this is a statement that can go all the way to the Finance Committee.

Kyrie Irving, who moved from the Brooklyn Nets to the Dallas Mavericks, had many conflicts with Brooklyn. When Kevin Durant, the ace he played with, moved the team to the Phoenix Suns, he posted on his social media, ‘Congratulations on getting out of Brooklyn’. However, the NBA Secretariat did not take any sanctions, and the Brooklyn club did the same. This is because light criticism and mockery of the club is an acceptable area of ​​expression.

KBL said, “It is a structure that has no choice but to open a finance committee if the club requests it.” The decision of the Finance Committee is noteworthy.

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