Choo Shin-soo’s 16-year record, broken by Ohtani in 8 years

Choo Shin-soo played in the major leagues for 16 years.

He hit a total of 218 home runs during this period. It is the highest record among Asians.

However, this record is expected to be broken by 2025.

Shohei Ohtani is the protagonist to break that record.메이저사이트

Ohtani, who is in his 6th year in the major leagues, has hit 130 homers as of the 11th (Korean time).

His home runs are expected to be around 160 at the end of this season. There may be more than this.

Calculating that he hits 30 homers a year, Ohtani is projected to surpass 218 by 2025. He will overtake Choo Shin-soo and become the most home run hitter in Asia.

Shin-soo Choo hit a home run in 16 years, and Ohtani recorded half of that in 8 years.

Records exist to be broken. Ohtani writes new major league history every year.

“Lee Do-ryu” Ohtani hit three homers this season as a batter.

He has a 0.75 earned run average with one run in 12 innings in two games as a pitcher.

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