Choi Jeong’s winning streak, Kim Chae-young, who was cornered at the last minute

Dr.G Women’s Best Knight Final Final 2
Choi Jeong, winning with 184

moves unsuccessful (Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) The 2022 Doctor G Women’s Best Knight Final, which ended in a longer final league as it was extended to the same level match, is the final between Choi Jeong-Kim Chae-young The end of the long march is approaching.

The final is best-of-five. The 5th round of the women’s championship is the first and only one in the last year’s lake, which was held under the same name of the women’s top knight, and the doctor’s final of this tournament.

The first country in the final three days ago was the unsuccessful victory of the top 9th dan. In the second half, he changed the trend of dragging around for a long time and came from behind to win (4 hours and 38 minutes, 229 moves at the end). 토토사이트

The final two countries had a close match. There were a couple of scenes where they visibly prevailed over each other. The situation, which was tossed around in the melee, was sorted out after Choi Jeong 9th dan took the top center black dan dan in the second half.

Commentator Lee Sang-heon of K-Go gave a general review, saying, “Choi Jeong eventually achieved victory with combat power, while Kim Chae-young was pushed back in the final battle.” 3 hours and 49 minutes, 184 counts of non-success. Below are the impressions of the two articles.

“I thought we had a good start in the beginning. After that, there seemed to be a lot of changes. There were times when we thought it was good, and there were times when we thought it was not easy. By catching Black Stone at the end, I think we got the upper hand.” (Choi Jung 9th Dan)

“I’m still not sure exactly where I did well and where I made a big mistake because I couldn’t judge the overall accuracy while putting it. It was too difficult to put it in the middle.” (Kim Chae-young, 7th Dan)

The final, which produces the first winner in 2023, leads to the third match on the afternoon of the 7th. If Choi Jeong 9th Dan, who is leading 2-0, adds another point, the championship will be confirmed. Conversely, if Kim Chae-young, 7th Dan, ignites the pursuit, it will be extended to the 4th final on the 10th.