“At least May or June must be sentenced”… Mixed memories of Lee Young-ha, return in the first half is also unclear

Lee Young-ha (26) seems to have a hard time returning in the first half.

Lee Young-ha (26, Doosan Bears), who played an active role as a domestic ace with 17 wins in 2019, was excluded from the spring camp roster for the 2023 season.

The ‘academic violence issue’ caught on. In 2021, a post was posted on an online community saying that Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun (LG) had been bullied at school in high school. Afterwards, one of the victims reported them to the Sports Ethics Center, and after a police investigation, prosecution was indicted.

Kim Dae-hyun, who had served in the military until recently, was acquitted at a military trial. Kim Dae-hyun is also scheduled to join the spring camp.

However, Lee Young-ha’s trial is getting longer. He held a total of three trials, and the prosecution’s witnesses were interrogated.

In the first trial, the prosecution said, “Lee Young-ha made him put his hand into an electric fly swatter and made him sing a song that made him feel ashamed. Also, during the training camp in Taiwan, he extorted ramen and gathered his juniors and treated him harshly.” Lee Young-ha’s side completely denied it.

From the second trial, a full-fledged witness examination took place. A newspaper was conducted about Mr. Cho and his friend Mr. Lee, who reported to the Center for Sports Ethics. They specifically stated the time and place of the harsh act. However, in time and place, they were tightly opposed. Lee Young-ha’s side refuted some of the claims, saying that he was not with the victims at that time due to joining the national team. 안전놀이터

In the third trial held at the Western District Court in Seoul on the 20th, Park, the author of the top post, attended as a witness for the prosecution.

Mr. Park said, “There were frequent gatherings. I think it happened once every three days. When I exercise, I make a lot of noise. (In Taiwan) One day we gathered and went, but the atmosphere was rough. There was a similar joke before, so I said, ‘Isn’t it a hidden camera?’

He continued, “I was told to sing a school song or a cheering song for the baseball team with my head down, but if I couldn’t memorize it, I couldn’t get up.”

However, he showed a cautious stance, saying “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” about the parts submitted to the Sports Ethics Center or the extortion of ramen.

Attorney Kim Seon-woong, legal representative for Lee Young-ha, said, “Mr. Park was hospitalized from March 2015, and transferred to another school in May. Coercion or special assault may not be worthwhile as testimony.” As a result, if the training was wrong or if the manners were not followed, I gathered. I think that I can do it as a leader of course if I do not like it.

Amidst the tense battle for the truth, the 4th trial is scheduled to be held on March 3. Lee Young-ha was not included in the list of spring camps leaving for Australia on the 29th. Although it is called the ‘presumption of innocence’, it is a burdensome position to enter the game until the trial is over.

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