A’s new stadium construction support passed the Nevada Senate and then the House of Representatives

Work on relocating the Athletics to Las Vegas is accelerating.

Local media such as ‘Nevada Independent’ said on the 15th (hereinafter Korean time) that the Nevada State House of Representatives passed a bill to support the state budget of $ 380 million for the construction of a new stadium for the Athletics to be built in Las Vegas.메이저놀이터

The previous day, the Nevada Senate passed it with 13 votes in favor and 8 votes against, and then the House of Representatives passed it with 25 votes to 15 votes after making some modifications.

At the game on the 14th (Korean time), Auckland fans are protesting demanding the sale of the club. Photo (Auckland, USA)=ⓒAFPBBNews = News1
Now, the bill is brought back to the Senate for review on amendments. According to the Nevada Independent, some details on social contribution measures, such as providing a local youth clinic, have been added. It seems that it will be approved by the Senate without difficulty.

If the Senate approves the amendment, it will be put on the desk of Governor Joe Lombardo.

The governor of Lombardo has supported the Athletics’ move to Las Vegas, so he’s likely to approve it.

As a result, the Athletics will be able to receive state funding to build a new stadium in downtown Las Vegas. The biggest obstacle for ointment transfer has been resolved.

When the major league owners approve the relocation through a vote, their relocation becomes official.

The Athletics, who moved from Kansas City to Oakland, California in 1968, are likely to leave for a new home again after 55 years.

Auckland fans are expressing their dissatisfaction with the ointment transfer in their own way. On the 14th, at the home game against the Tampa Bay Rays, 27,759 spectators, the most this season, entered and showed a ‘reverse boycott’ shouting slogans demanding the sale of the club.

Oakland is sitting at 19-50, but has been on a late rise with a seven-game winning streak recently.

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