‘Are you listening to Ronaldo?’ Ten Haag: “Everyone except Messi has to play as a team”

“There is only one Messi. The rest have to work as part of the team.”

Eric Ten Hag (53), Manchester United coach, praised Lionel Messi (37, Paris Saint-Germain) and emphasized a united team. It looked like a message to Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr).

According to the British ‘Manchester Evening News’, coach Ten Hag had an interview with ‘Sky Sports’ ahead of the Arsenal game on the 23rd (Korean time). He brought up the Messi story while praising Bruno Fernandez and Martin Ödegaard, the playmakers that both teams are proud of.

When the story of the two players came out, coach Ten Hag praised them, saying, “They are great players. They are very skilled and even score goals. Their attitude symbolizes modern footballers.”

Then, coach Ten Haag mentioned team play. “Bruno and Ödegaard know that they have to play good football and play for the team. They are team players and use their abilities to make the team better. So each individual skill equals the benefit of the team,” he added.

Messi was suddenly mentioned. “There is only one Messi. We saw that at the World Cup,” Ten Hag said. “The rest have to work as part of the team.” It was highly praised that there is only one player in the world who can focus on individual play, Messi.메이저사이트

It was a simple Messi compliment, but it was a story that reminded me of Ronaldo somewhere. Previously, Ronaldo broke up with Manchester United after causing controversy with the inability to play substitutes, unauthorized leave, and bomb remarks. It was the exact opposite of the team play that coach Ten Hagh emphasized.

Fans also watched the interview and thought of Ronaldo being compared to rival Messi. They left reactions such as “Ten Hag must have told Ronaldo that Messi was better than him”, “Pierce Morgan should listen to this”, “But he had Ronaldo, not Messi”.

Meanwhile, Manchester United are on a winning streak after leaving Ronaldo. Manchester United was on an undefeated streak (5 wins, 1 draw) in 6 league games, including 9 consecutive victories in official games, until the day when they lost 2-3 to Arsenal.

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