Alcantara’s changeup, “the dirtiest ball in Miami”, the official homepage of the American Major League Baseball (MLB), surveyed ‘The nastiest pitch’ for each club in the new season. Reporter David Adler of introduced Sandy Alcantara (28)’s changeup 토토사이트as the dirtiest ball in the Miami Marlins. 

To say he has a ‘dirty ball’ to a pitcher is a compliment. This is because the trajectory of the ball is messy and it is difficult for batters to attack it. It is the highest praise for a pitcher who uses a breaking ball. 

Sandy Alcantara’s changeup ranks as the dirtiest pitch on the Marlins. Last year, Alcantara’s changeup pitch value calculated by was 24.5, the highest among major leaguers. Last year, Alcantara achieved a good record of 14 wins (9 losses) and an average ERA of 2.28 with a high-speed changeup of 91.7 miles per hour (147 km) on average, and even a unanimous ‘Cy Young Award’. 

Alcantara also has a special relationship with KBO leaguers. In January, he met with Koh Young-pyo (32), So-jun So (22, KT Wiz), and Won Tae-in (23, Samsung Lions), who visited the United States for training, and trained together and passed on his changeup know-how. Ko Young-pyo and Won Tae-in are the players with the highest changeup usage rate in the KBO League, and So-Jun Sohn sought advice from Alcantara to equip a new weapon, although the changeup is not the deciding pitch. 

On the other hand, Kevin Gausman (32)’s splitter was chosen as the ‘dirtiest ball’ in the Toronto Blue Base, to which Ryu Hyun-jin (36) belongs. The media said, “Gausman has 264 strikeouts and 534 swings as a splitter over the past two seasons. Both records are the most ever recorded on a single pitch.” 

The splitter of Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) was also mentioned. The media said, “Ohtani added a cutter and a 100 mph sinker and mastered the slider over the past two seasons, but his splitter is still his signature pitch.” The strikeout rate is 59%,” he said. 

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