Al-Nasr, do you choose based on appearance… Ronaldo’s next signing rumored to be Royce

Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr wants to sign Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund) next to Cristiano Ronaldo.

British media ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Al Nasr, who signed Ronaldo, is aiming for Reus, whose contract with Dortmund expires this season.”

Al-Nasr attracted a lot of attention when he signed Ronaldo on December 31 last year. Al-Nasr, who promised Ronaldo an astronomical salary, was later spotlighted as a big hand as rumors of transfers to Pepe (Porto) and Sergio Ramos (Paris Saint-Germain) arose.

While Pepe and Ramos seem to be rumors influenced by Ronaldo’s influence, it is known that what the Al Nasr management team wants is Royce. Reus, who played for Dortmund for 11 years and played an active role as a signboard, will be free at the end of this season.

Reus is the symbol of Dortmund. Reus, who was in charge of Dortmund’s heyday in the 2010s, remained loyal to the team until the end even when the main players at the time, such as Robert Lewandowski, Ilkhai Gundogan, Mario Goetze, and Mats Hummels, left. 안전놀이터

Reus, who has been playing for more than 10 years in Dortmund, has not yet decided whether to stay. Royce, who suffered from an ankle ligament injury this season, is rehabilitating during the World Cup break and is about to make a comeback. He still has an impact this season with 3 goals and 4 assists in 12 games.

Al-Nasr plans to sign Reus if his contract renewal with Dortmund fails. The Daily Mail said, “Reus’ contract situation has attracted interest from Al Nasr and the English club” and “Of course, Reus is not ruling out a stay in Germany.”

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