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Seoul Yeongdeungpo Technical High School has reached the top of the Presidential Geumbae for the first time since its foundation. Yeongdeungpo Technical High School defeated Seoul Boin High School 2-1 in the final of the 56th Presidential Geumbae High School Football Championship held at Jecheon Sports Complex in North Chungcheong Province on the 2nd.

The Yeongdeungpo Technical High School soccer team, founded in 1958, lost 2-6 to Daeshin High School in the finals of the 5th Presidential Geumbae in 1973 and finished runner-up. Yeongdeungpo Technical High School was honored to win the Gold Cup for the first time in the finals after 50 years. Yeongdeungpo Technical High School defender Lee Kyung-won was selected as the MVP of the tournament. Boingo, who had attempted to win the championship four times in its career, had to be satisfied with the runner-up, failing to overcome the last hurdle.

This final was called a confrontation of ‘contradiction’. From the group stage to the semi-finals, Yeongdeungpo Technical High School has been winning and winning with 18 goals in 6 matches. On the other hand, Boin High School, which is considered a strong player in the tradition of Geumbae along with Incheon Bupyeong High School, is armed with practical soccer that allows only 2 goals in 5 games from this tournament to the semi-finals.

Yeongdeungpo Technical High School seized the initiative as soon as the game started and drove Boin High School without mercy. However, it was difficult to open the goal because it was blocked by Boingo’s solid defense. Then, in the 37th minute of the first half, he was hit first. In the counterattack situation, Baek Ga-on, a sophomore striker from Boin High School, who dug into the space behind the opponent’s defense, scored the goal.

Yeongdeungpo Technical High School, which reorganized the line at halftime, pushed Boingo even stronger in the second half. “Ace” Min-seong Kim succeeded in breaking down Boin High’s iron wall defense. Kim Min-seong, who came in as a substitute in the 6th minute of the second half, caught the ball in a chaotic situation inside the opponent’s penalty area 1 minute after being put in, and quickly shot and tied the score.

Afterwards, the defense was shaken for a while as shown by Kim Min-sung’s performance, but he found stability again and built a solid shield. The game, which seemed to go straight into overtime, was dramatically split at the end of the second half. Striker Kim Tae-won, who had booked the tournament’s top scorer earlier, shook Bo In-go’s net with a right-footed shot from the front of the penalty area. With his 10th goal in the tournament, Kim Tae-won became the top scorer. Afterwards, Yeongdeungpo Technical High School, which strengthened its defense, blocked Boin High’s last-minute offensive to the end and secured the victory.

Yeongdeungpo Technical High School tasted the joy of winning the national championship for the first time in four years following Baegungi in February and Geumgangdaegi in 2019, followed by winning the league championship and winning the Seoul National Sports Festival selection. In addition to this, he has risen to the top in name and reality by adding the gold medal title of the most prestigious national tournament in Korea.토토사이트

Director Kim Jae-woong of Yeongdeungpo Technical High School said, “Our soccer team has been 65 years old, and today we wrote a new history. I am very proud of my students,” he said.

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