Advice to juniors in Seongnam from Kim Yeong-kwang, who passed the ‘professional 22nd year’

Kim Young-kwang generously poured out advice for his juniors even though it was his own interview.

Seongnam FC held the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at the Namhae Sports Park Hotel in Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do at 2 pm on the 2nd.

Seongnam veteran Kim Yeong-kwang attended the media camp for an interview. Kim Young-kwang, who has been in his fourth year in Seongnam, has already turned 41 years old. Kim Yeong-kwang joked that the player he shared with him was 20 years old, but he was 21 years older than him, but he gave advice to young talents with bright futures. Even in his interview, it is Kim Young-kwang who showed sincere advice for his juniors.

Kim Young-kwang hoped that this winter training would serve as a great foundation for his juniors. He said, “We are having hard winter training. It is a time when we have no choice but to become stronger physically and mentally. I think it will be remembered,” he said.

Commitment ahead of the season We

are having more difficult winter training than ever before. It’s a time when you have no choice but to be strong physically and mentally. The players are adjusting according to the coach’s intention, and I think the players themselves will feel that their bodies are getting better. I am encouraging them by saying that difficulties now can become happiness later because I have experienced them.

I think this season will be a team full of fighting spirit more than ever. It’s hard to express all of these parts, but I’m sure this year will be a team that’s more powerful than ever.

After the Seongnam

season ends, several variables occur. The player’s will and choice are the most important, and the future can change depending on that choice. Like me, I want to tell juniors who will face a similar situation that a team is a team, but you have to take care of yourself to some extent.

When I was shaking, the club officials said a lot of good things. Those words touched me, and through the meeting with the manager, I felt that they matched well with the direction of the team. Also, the relegation of the team last season seemed to be all my fault, so I was worried. I don’t know what will happen, but I hope that I will do my best to promote as much as I can. So, at the end, I have the desire to shake off my hair, create a good environment for my juniors, and leave when I smile.

I’ve been through all the hardships, but the experience of being relegated isn’t easy

The players are also players, but I think the fans must have been very disappointed. There must have been a sense of pride that comes from playing in the K-League 1, but I am sorry. Still, I was grateful that the fans sent their support even when relegation was confirmed last season.

The level difference between K League 2 and K League 1 is a piece of paper. Players who play in K-League 2 can play in K-League 1 when a little more technical parts are added and the mental parts improve. He tells young players about the coolness of the pros. Many players leave without lasting a year, and I hope that our team players will remain for a long time.

The most important thing to survive in the pro is the

desire to win . If you don’t have the will to win, you will never survive. There is constant competition within the team and competition with other teams. You have to invest time and effort in order to win in the competition, but there are many players who only think and fail to act. The director emphasizes these parts. So the mental parts seem to be stronger than ever.

In fact, I couldn’t go to the 1st field training due to a hamstring injury, but after joining, the atmosphere is bloody. Everyone’s eyes are different메이저놀이터 . It is a system that has no choice but to focus on soccer every day. When players experience this atmosphere and compete elsewhere, the competition will be easier. I think the hard winter training right now will be a valuable time for the athletes.

Is it helpful to have a lot of young players?

Yes. There is a lot of energy given off by young players. Thus, an atmosphere in which training cannot be relaxed is formed. The coach emphasizes a lot of running football and mental strength. As a result, I heard that he got a lot of good results because he had a lot of competitive desire, and he felt that way when he actually came. He gets the feeling that everyone is becoming an iron man.

Greed for the record for the most appearances in the K-League

There is no greed for the record. You always have to compete. I play every game thinking that this could be my last.

When I first joined the pros, there were four goalkeepers. There were number 1, 21, 31, 41, and I was number 41. I wanted to make number 41 my starting goalie number. After a year and a half of hard work, I made it the number of the main goalkeeper. I think I’ve come this far because I’ve been living my professional life with this mindset. I emphasize this effort to other players. It does not cling to the records.

Aside from the promotion and the desire to compete, what I care about the most is the

loss of points. No matter how much it is a job, I really hate losing points. I am trying not to concede as much as possible, and I think I will be of the same mind until I take off my goalkeeper gloves. Even if I lose a point, there is a point due to the opponent’s ability and a point due to my lack of ability, but I try to prevent the latter situation from occurring.

It is said that they do not dwell on records, but records themselves are considered important.

(Kim) Byeongji-hyung told me that I was the only person who could break the record for the most appearances in the K-League. So he said that it is a record that has not been broken so far and will not be broken in the future. There will be no change in the mindset of not dwelling on records.

Coach Lee Ki-hyeong is someone who

trains the most severely. Normally, he’s really friendly, but when he goes to the training ground, it changes. The training is really hard, but it comes back to you in the end. Like me, I hope that the other players will also return to happiness through difficult times.

A word for the

fans There was news that I was leaving the team, so the fans were worried through social media, but I couldn’t answer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the fans for their concern. It bothered me because I felt like I lost a point. I hope fans don’t worry about whether or not I’ll stay. The goal is to go up to the K-League 1 again and give fans joy and pride. I think it’s really good that you always give me courage even in the midst of difficulties. Thank you always, and sorry for worrying you. We’ll see you at the stadium.

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