‘Activity that led to victory’ Park Hye-min “Repeated ‘Let’s be calm’ over dozens of times”

KGC Ginseng Corporation succeeded in escaping from losing streak and jumped to 4th place. On the 8th, on the way to Hwaseong, they won 3-0 against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea.

In the victory, outside hitter Park Hye-min, who played an active role as a starter, was hidden.

Park Hye-min played as a starter after a long time and scored 10 points, and received 12 out of 20 accurately, giving a sense of stability.

After the game, Park Hye-min said, “I knew that I was going to start the day before the game. In the meantime토토사이트, I was restless when I played. From training, I thought, ‘Let’s be calm, let’s be calm’.”

He continued, “There is a role that (I) have to play in the team. It was difficult for me too because I couldn’t do that. Everyone around me helped me. Today’s game went well because I kept my composure.” It was a serious expression.

Park Hye-min, who started the season as a starter, gave up her place to Chae Seon-ah as her receiving was faltering. After a long time, the opportunity to be selected came again. As Park Hye-min’s form rose, coach Koh Hee-jin pulled out Park Hye-min’s card to raise the blocking height.

Park Hye-min said, “(After being pushed back from the starting lineup), I had a hard time figuring out how to overcome it at first. I learned a lot from (Chae) Sun-ah’s play. After the match, my sister encouraged me, saying, ‘This is a position we have to overcome.’ It was helpful. “he mentioned.

Park Hye-min is more active than ever in his receive training. During team receive training, she receives precise guidance from coach Lee Kang-joo.

Park Hye-min mentioned the importance of repetitive training, saying, “The coaching team says something even if they do well, and they say something if they do poorly (laughs). During that process, I think about what to do in what part.”

His expression soon calmed down again. Park Hye-min emphasized, “I think I’ve found some confidence again. I’ll show you a more calm and serious image for the rest of the season.”

Director Go Hee-jin also nodded to Park Hye-min’s performance. Coach Ko praised, “Hye-min took the most serious attitude among the players who played today. She also had a sense of security. I hope she feels good through today’s game.”

Park Hye-min tried not to lose her composure until the end, saying, “I need to be more alert.” A sense of spleen was also felt in her attitude towards the rest of her season.

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