‘Ace Unhappy’ trying to save 1 billion won in Milwaukee

Cy Young Young pitcher’s unhappiness has surfaced. Corbin Burns (29), who lost in an annual salary adjustment by only 740,000 dollars (about 1 billion won), expressed his discomfort to the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a local media in Milwaukee, USA, reported on the 17th the feelings of Burns, who lost in salary adjustment with the club on the 16th (hereinafter Korean time).

According to this, Burns said, “I can’t deny 토토사이트that my relationship with the club has been hurt.” Burns’ demand is $10.75 million. In other words, it was only a difference of $740,000 from the club.

Normally $740,000 is a very large amount. But in the major leagues, where contracts in the hundreds of millions of dollars come out, it’s a relatively small amount.

In other words, Milwaukee made Ace uncomfortable because of 740,000 dollars. There is also a view that this is considering that Milwaukee will not be able to catch Burns in the free agency (FA) market two years later.

Burns, in his sixth year in the major leagues, received the National League Cy Young Award in 2021. He topped Jack Wheeler of Accumulation based on his earned run average and excellent detailed performance.

Following this, Burns threw 202 innings in 33 games last year, recording 12 wins and an average ERA of 2.94. He also won the division title with 243 strikeouts.

Burns has one salary adjustment left. As a result, Burns will qualify as a free agent (FA) player after the 2024 season. He turns 31 in 2025, his first year in free agency.

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