A tip for Lee Seung-woo, who is like a rugby ball

Suwon FC Lee Seung-woo (25) has a lot of talent and a lot of grit. His expression is bright and his showmanship is good. He must be a star that attracts a lot of attention. He is given a task that must be solved. That is, he must be mentally cool and mature.

Lee Seung-woo 먹튀검증appealed to the referee saying that the opponent had committed a handball foul when the ball was stolen while attacking Incheon on the 22nd. Lee Seung-woo did not play to get the ball back, and his appeal was not accepted at all. Manager Kim Do-gyun even asked Seung-woo Lee to stop protesting in the technical area. Coach Kim said after the game, “It’s not good to protest and get excited about the referee’s decision. We have to fix that part,” he said. “We have to do our best until the whistle blows.” Manager Kim said, “I hope the players will never show it again, regardless of whether the judgment is good or bad. In particular, strikers show that kind of image a lot, but I hope that part will not come out in the future.” It was a warning to Lee Seung-woo and Murillo. Lee Seung-woo was sent off against Pohang early last month. He was motivated and acted to score a goal, but it was a moment when he lacked coolness, and it was an obvious sense of being sent off.

Lee Seung-woo has played in 6 games this year and his sending off is once. Four players were sent off this year, including Lee Seung-woo, Ha Chang-rae (Pohang), Anton (Daejeon), and Kim Dong-min (Incheon). Except for Lee Seung-woo, all three players are defenders.

Lee Seung-woo played 35 games last year, received 7 warnings and was sent off once. The seven warnings are tied for 10th most warnings. Most of the top rankers are defenders or midfielders. There are 12 players in the first inning, including Lee Seung-woo, and the same is true.

Lee Seung-woo often directed uneasy scenes in A-matches in the past. It could be an expression of aggressiveness and tenacity, but it could also be an act of self-injury that brings a crisis to oneself. Unpredictable behavioral tendencies may also have had an effect on Lee Seung-woo not being re-assigned to the national team.

When Lee Seung-woo was young, he was called the Korean Messi. Messi is good at kicking the ball, but he has a lot of control over himself. Messi has played 870 matches as a professional player so far, received only 86 warnings and was sent off only twice. Even so, he scored 709 goals and made 338 assists. He has scored 15 goals and 15 assists in 27 French league games this season, but he has no warnings or sending offs. His self-restraint, rather than his soccer skills, is the reason why he is receiving tremendous praise from many players and fans around the world, regardless of nationality or affiliation.

Lee Seung-woo played a total of 95 games (18 goals and 6 assists) in Serie A and B in Italy, the Jupiler League in Belgium and the K-League, and was warned 20 times and sent off 3 times. What Lee Seung-woo needs right now is not Messi-level skills, but Messi’s spirit.

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