A semi-professional who thought he would never go pro, became the best defender in two months… Cheongju Lee Jeong-taek’s twist story

Chungbuk Cheongju FC center back Lee Jung-taek was also a player last year. It’s a word that doesn’t mean much to other teams, but it’s different for Chungbuk Cheongju players. This is because it means that he endured when he changed from an amateur to a professional.안전놀이터

Lee Jung-taek is also showing the highest level of detailed records among K-League 2 defenders. He is ranked 10th overall in the 16th round of the K-League’s self-run power ranking ‘Adidas Point’, and ranks second among defenders after Nilson Jr. (Bucheon). Among Chungbuk Cheongju players, striker Jorge and two doubles were named, and the only teams with more than two players in the top 10 were Busan in 1st place and Cheongju in Chungbuk in 11th place. The team is in the bottom ranks (11th), but the fact that two of them rose can be interpreted as meaning that Jorge and Lee Jung-taek played a big role in karate.

The team turned pro this year, but it was rather a crisis for Lee Jeong-taek. Cheongju, which was in the K3 League until last year, re-established itself as a professional this year and recruited a large number of professional players. Of the existing Chungbuk Cheongju players, only four remained on the team.

Lee Jeong-taek was originally scheduled to leave Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do due to the pros. While looking into joining another K3 team, one of the center back recruits from Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do failed and remained dramatically. At that time, the prevailing view was that Lee would stay as a candidate because it would be difficult for him to compete at the professional level. However, after playing the season, Lee Jung-taek took one of the three backs next to Lee Han-saem from Gwangju FC. In the end, he remained the only player to retain his starting position from semi-pro to pro.

Above all else, Lee Jung-taek is a stopper whose strength is his speed. The biggest factor that made Adidas ranked 10th in points is defense, and the defense score is 2,089 points, ranking first among all players. The passing score is 1,414 points, which is the highest among center backs. He was born as a defensive midfielder, so it is a record that reveals that he has a good understanding of the build-up situation.

Chungbuk Cheongju was in a serious slump at the beginning of the season. In the first professional game, they defeated Seoul E-Land FC, making them expect a blast, but in the following 9 games, they only recorded 3 draws and 6 losses. However, in the last 5 matches, they are showing good results with 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Lee Jeong-taek is still holding the starting position. In his most recent match against Gimpo, 2-1, he scored his first assist in the K-League with an accurate left-footed long-distance pass to Jorge. He is still 25 years old and has good athletic ability, so he is expected to grow further as he gains professional experience.

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