‘9th place’ allowed to walk → 3rd place in ERA + 1st place in the ranking ‘Mystery’…SSG, there is a ‘secret’

It’s a ‘defending champion’, but the evaluation was lower than expected. Opening the lid tells a different story. It is at the top of the leaderboard. Simple. good at baseball There is a ‘secret’. This is the story of SSG.

SSG played 6 games until the game on the 9th, and posted 5 wins and 1 loss. 먹튀검증I have won many times, but it is noticeable that there is only one defeat. It means that the balance between air and water is good.

If you look deeper, there are also strange corners. It’s a mound. The team’s ERA is 2.83, which is third in the league. Basically, the batting average is 0.218, which is 1st in the league. getting fewer hits. Regardless of selection or bullpen, they are cruising with a harmony of old and new.

However, it is not that there are few on-base permits. His on-base percentage is 0.324, which is more than 10% higher than his hit ratio. It is because there are not a few walks. 5.0 walks per 9 innings. It is the second most allowed in the league. Conversely, strikeouts per 9 innings was 7.7, which was 6th.

Ace Kim Gwang-hyun had 7.9 walks and 4.5 strikeouts per 9 innings, and Kirk McCarty had 4.8 strikeouts and 4.8 walks per 9 innings. Oh Won-seok (3.0) is the only starting pitcher whose strikeouts are more than double the number of walks. In the bullpen, there are Seo Jin-yong (8.0) and Lee Ro-un (2.0).

This means that the rate of increasing outcounts by the pitcher alone is not relatively high. However, ‘runs’ are not blocked by the pitcher alone. The power of the beast is also absolute. SSG becomes this way.

The key is ‘ground ball’. He played a total of 34 games until the 9th of the 2023 season, where he recorded a ground ball/floating ball ratio of 0.85 with 579 ground balls and 680 floating balls.

2022 was a ground ball/float ratio of 0.96 with 620 ground balls-646 floats in his first 35 games since opening. For the entire 2022 season, the fly ball-ground ball ratio rises to 1.02. This year, the number of fly balls increased compared to the previous year, and the number of ground balls decreased.

SSG is a little different. He is making a ground ball/fly ball ratio of 1.04. 2nd place in the league. 53 ground balls and 51 flies. More ground balls. Last year the team had a season average of 1.02, and the first six games were 0.80.

It means that this year’s pitchers are playing the role of ‘tumblers’ well. The starting lineup is particularly strong. The ratio is as high as 1.42. It is producing the highest numbers in the league.

Kim Gwang-hyun scored 1.25, Kirk McCarty 1.50, Park Jong-hoon 1.75, and Oh Won-seok 1.33. The bullpen varies from player to player, but it can be said that the burden is less because the starter pulls it from the front for a long time.

In fact, it can be said that it is the most necessary part of SSG. Incheon SSG Landers Field is considered the best in the league when it comes to being ‘batter-friendly’. There are many home runs. The more you suppress the floating ball, the better. In fact, the team has only one home run. 0.33 home runs per 9 innings. It’s the lowest in the league. Naturally, his slugging percentage is 0.303, which is the first in the league.

Even if the pitcher induces a ground ball, it is meaningless if the fielder fails to handle it. SSG becomes this way. It means that the beasts are taking care of every turn.

The infielder’s infield batting rate is 94.2%, which is the first in the league. 2nd place KT is 90.5%. There is quite a difference. Third baseman Choi Jeong and second baseman Choi Joo-hwan are making 100% throughput, and Oh Tae-gon and Jeon Eui-san, who saw first base, are also 100%. Shortstop Park Seong-han is also good at 92.3%.

In fact, SSG has difficulties at the beginning of the opening season. The ground off-season soil and grass replacement work was carried out, which was completed just before the opening. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “Our players couldn’t even train properly. I opened and stepped on it,” he explained.

This is the reason why three mistakes were made in the opening two games. Infielders such as Choi Jeong and Park Seong-han said, “I have a firm feeling that I haven’t fully settled down yet. Hit balls come quickly. It will take some getting used to,” he explained. Choi Joo-hwan was injured by being rubbed on his shin while sliding. “I think it’s because it’s a bit stiff,” he laughed.

Still, good defense comes out. The numbers are good. It means that once you adapt to the new ground, you will be more stable. That part is good enough. A combination of a grounder inducing pitcher and a good fielding team. SSG is the driving force behind the early success.

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