9 billion donations for two days to the unconscious NFL player foundation… Answer 2400 times the amount raised in 2 years

Donations are being made to a foundation established by Damar Hamlin (24), a safety (last line defender) of the Buffalo Bills of the American Professional Football (NFL), who is on the brink of death after collapsing from a heart attack during a game.

According to Yahoo Sports and Associated Press on the 5th (local time) in the United States, two days after Hamlin collapsed, ‘Chasing M’s Foundation’ raised 7 million dollars (approximately 8.9 billion won) in donations.

Hamlin founded the foundation in December 2020 with the goal of giving toys to poor children in his hometown of Mackey Rocks, Pennsylvania. However, the donations he collected over the two years before he collapsed were only about $2,900 (about 3,680,000 won), slightly more than the goal of $2,500. However, upon hearing the news of his accident, NFL teams and players, as well as general fans, joined in the sponsorship and the donations increased like a snowball. 2413 times the amount raised over two years was raised in just two days.

As of today, more than 220,000 people have participated in the donation. That’s an average of 31.8 dollars (about 40,000 won) per person.스포츠토토

A spokesperson for Hamlin said on the 4th through the sponsorship agency page ‘Go Fund Me’, “The ‘support’ and ‘generosity’ shown over the past two days is phenomenal,” and said, “We will continue to update the progress of the donation.”

Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills said in a statement on the 4th that Hamlin’s condition is showing signs of improving. In the first quarter of the NFL Week 17 game against the Cincinnati Bengals on the 1st, Hamlin tangled and fell while blocking the opponent’s wide receiver’s advance with a tackle. The opponent’s helmet and right shoulder collided with his chest. Hamlin got up a moment later, but immediately passed out and collapsed.

Hamlin received CPR at the scene and was transported by ambulance 16 minutes after collapsing to the nearby University of Cincinnati Hospital, where he is receiving intensive care. Relying on a ventilator, he still has not returned to consciousness. His uncle said that Hamlin also had a heart attack while in the hospital.