8 MLB MVPs… WBC Stars All Out

Stars from all over the world are mobilizing at the WBC, which will open next month.

Eight major league MVPs, including the best players in Korea and Japan, heralded a feast of stars both in name and reality.

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Out of 600 players from 20 countries, 332 are from the major leagues and 186 are active big leaguers.

There are 8 major league MVPs, 4 of whom are on the US National Team.

Mike Trout, the captain of Team 토토사이트USA, will face off with Teammate Ohtani, the ace of the Japanese National Team, as the MVP.

[Mike Trout/Captain of the U.S. National Baseball Team : “I think it will be interesting. I’ve seen Ohtani’s pitch mainly while playing center field, but he has the strongest pitch in the league.”]

A showcase of major league MVPs as well as active MVPs in Korea and Japan . The confrontation is also expected to attract attention.

Korean baseball batting champion Lee Jung-hoo, Japanese home run champion Murakami Munetaka, and fastball pitcher Roki Sasaki are all preparing for the WBC stage.

[WBC roster announcement/MLB.com/Korea roster introduction: “Lee Jung-hoo seems to be applying for a posting after this season, but the WBC will definitely be a stage where Lee Jung-hoo goes up a notch.”]

[Japanese roster introduction: “(Japanese roster Is there a next-generation monster?) Rocky Sasaki! He pitched 17 perfect innings in a row. That’s amazing.”

Our first-leg opponents, Australia, were mostly composed of players from their home league, with the exception of one Aaron Whitefield.

If we exceed the two pitchers, Saupold and Holland, the expectation for our national team to advance to the quarterfinals is expected to increase.

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