’70G business suspension’ Hanwha Ha Joo-seok, summary indictment for fines for drunk driving

Hanhwa infielder Ha Joo-seok (29) was summarily indicted for drunk driving. 

On the 13th, the first detective division of the Daejeon District Prosecutor’s Office announced that Ha Joo-seok was indicted on the charge of drunk driving. A summary indictment is a procedure in which the prosecution requests a fine or other punishment through a written hearing in the court without holding a trial. 

Ha Joo-seok was caught driving drunk at around 5:15 am on November 19 last year in Dong-gu, Daejeon. He had his license suspended for a blood alcohol level of 0.078%. A blood alcohol level of 0.03% to 0.08% is the license suspension standard, and if it is 0.08% or more, the driver’s license is revoked. If he meets the criteria for license suspension, he will face up to one year in prison or a fine of up to 5 million won. 

The Hanwha team reported to the KBO Clean Baseball Center after recognizing Ha Joo-seok’s drunk driving fact. On November 30, the KBO imposed a 70-game suspension on Ha Joo-seok. 스포츠토토

After taking office in March of last year, KBO President Heo Gu-yeon emphasized the principle of zero tolerance for drunk driving, match-fixing, sex crimes, and taking prohibited substances as ‘four no’ matters. As a result, the KBO rules were also changed. In order to raise awareness of drunk driving, on May 30 last year, the regulations on sanctions for drunk driving (Article 151) were amended.

Suspension of 70 games for license suspension, 1 year disqualification for license revocation, 5 year disqualification for 2 drunk driving offenses, and permanent disqualification for 3 or more drunk driving incidents. Unless there is a need for an athlete’s explanation, sanctions are imposed immediately according to the provisions of the rules without going through a separate reward and punishment committee. Club self-discipline is now banned. 

After the disciplinary action was confirmed, Joo-seok Ha said on his SNS, “I bow my head and apologize to all those involved in the baseball world. I would like to say again and again that I am sorry to the fans with a heavier heart.” It was a careless and foolish act,” he apologized. 

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