53rd ‘Mr. YMCA’ Pageant to be held in Hadongseo on Sept. 9-10

The 53rd Mr. YMCA Competition and the final national selection for the 2023 International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) World Men’s Championships and World Fitness Championships will be held on Sept. 9-10 at the Gyeongnam Hadong Culture and Arts Center.메이저놀이터

Co-hosted by the Korea Bodybuilding Association and the Seoul YMCA, the Mr. YMCA contest is the oldest and most traditional bodybuilding competition in Korea, which began in 1970 and is celebrating its 53rd edition this year.

It also serves as the final selection for the national team to compete in the World Men’s Bodybuilding Championships and World Fitness Championships in Spain this November.

The grand prize winner of Mr. YMCA will be appointed as an honorary ambassador of the Seoul YMCA and participate in activities such as guest lectures at YMCA-sponsored bodybuilding classes, participation in exhibition competitions, and appearing in promotional materials.

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