40 days from the first meeting to the contract… Negotiations to retain the leading free agent, how did it come to pass 

It took about 40 days from the first meeting to the conclusion of the contract. How could KT and Shin Bong-gi (34), the “king of good deeds,” who obtained the FA qualification, extend their partnership? 

On the afternoon of the 10th, KT Wiz announced, “We signed a contract with Shin Bong-ki, who obtained the first FA (free agent) qualification after his professional debut, for a total of 300 million won (130 million won in annual salary, 20 million won in options) for 1+1 years.” . 

It was early last month that Shinbongi first set up a negotiating table with KT. Without an agent, he exchanged opinions in his first meeting, and then received an offer to stay on the condition of a contract period of 1 + 1 year and a little less than last year’s annual salary (115 million won) in the second negotiation. At that time, the negotiations were concluded without a conclusion, and even after a year, no news of the contract was heard. In the meantime, Shin Bong-gi practiced Django through individual training at KT Wiz Park in Suwon and Busan, his hometown.

As the year progressed, negotiations between the two sides accelerated. KT, who had waited for a time of trouble, contacted the player at the beginning of this month, and after organizing his thoughts, Shin Bong-gi headed from Busan to Suwon on the morning of the 10th to sign the contract. In the initial contract terms, the salary was lower than last year’s level as the down payment was discussed, but the final contract was decided on the condition of no down payment, and the annual salary increased by 15 million won compared to last year.

KT recruited free agent shortstop Kim Sang-soo along with Sim Woo-jun’s enlistment in the military, but the infielder’s thirst was not clearly quenched. A backup shortstop to support Kim Sang-soo was needed, and the reality was that the second baseman, Park Kyung-soo and Oh Yoon-seok, were a little less weighty to play a season. In addition, Jang Jun-won, who came from LG in May of last year, can only return in September due to a cruciate ligament rupture in his knee. This is the reason why KT proposed negotiations to remain with Shin Bong-gi.

On the 10th, KT general manager Na Na-hyeon, who contacted OSEN, said, “The club fully respected Shin Bong-ki’s time to worry. And finally, it seemed like I had organized my thoughts around yesterday (9th),” he said. “Our team has a weak infield depth. Shinbongi was sluggish last year, but his defense is still alive. He is a player who can play all infield positions except first baseman. The coach can fully utilize it as an option in the infield.” 

The KT club expects Shinbongi to play a role in the attack by using the FA contract as a turning point. Shinbongi’s batting average last year was only 10.8 2. General Manager Na said, “Shinbongi played well in defense in 2018 and 2019, when he was in Lotte, and contributed a lot to scoring production.” Shin Bong-gi said that his goal is to be a player for a long time, so I hope we do well in the future. He also contributed to the attack and increased his value, so I hope he gets a better evaluation two years later.”

Shin Bong-gi has been nicknamed the king of good deeds for his consistent donation and volunteer activities after joining the pro team. Along with his great personality, he is a player who sets a model for his juniors because of his diligent attitude to training. Director Na said, “Shinbongi exerts a good influence. He is a player who can play a role in creating a good KT culture. He may be disappointed with the terms of the contract, but I hope things go well in the future.”안전놀이터

KT completed the 2023 season’s power plan by completing the new original contract, which was the final task of the Stove League. There are still five uncontracted free agents left in the market, but there are no plans to recruit them. Director Na said, “There is no additional power reinforcement until spring camp. As the negotiations for the new season were finalized, the roster setting for the new season was completed.”

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