’40-10′ Yoon Ji-hoon, “My goal is the only player in Korea”

“I want to be the only player in Korea whose name comes to mind.”

Samseon Middle School started the tournament by winning 86-71 against Myeongji Middle School in the 2023 Korea Middle and High School Basketball Weekend League Seoul Gyeongin Gangwon Group B game held at the Gyeongbok High School Gymnasium on the 10th.메이저놀이터

Samseon Middle School, which won all of the spring federation competition, association chess competition, and youth sports competition this year, struggled against Myungji Middle School that day. The score was tied until the middle of the third quarter. This year, it was a game that was not like a three-line match, with an average of 98.4 points and 57.1 points allowed in 16 games, with a goal difference of 41.3 points.

Even so, it was like a team that won three competitions. Concentration was revived at the critical moment. Based on the defense, they ran away with a double-digit score gap and approached the victory.

The player who stood out the most in the game that day was Yoon Ji-hoon (183cm, G). Yoon Ji-hoon led the team’s victory by recording 41 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals, the most among both teams.

After winning that day, Yoon Ji-hoon said, “The shot didn’t go in too well. He didn’t make it through the first half. After explaining the reason for the victory after struggling that day, he looked back on the game, saying, “I played a double team when I was defending the area, but after the steal, the shot went well and widened the score difference.”

Samseon Middle School coach Han Kyu-hyun said, “I took a lot of rest after the last boys’ sports event. Also, there were a lot of school events, so I trained for about two days, but I couldn’t train much.” He explained the reason for the struggle that day, saying, “It’s not that Myungjijung players can’t do it, but they have the ability and ability, so it’s not a team to be taken lightly.”

When asked how he spent his time after the Boys’ Sports Festival, Yoon Ji-hoon said, “After taking vacation, I continued to rest and started exercising a week ago. On Thursday, he took a break from training because there was also an event for teams participating in the boys’ sports event. So he didn’t get much exercise,” he replied.

When Yoon Ji-hoon said that he had scored a lot, he said, “Even from close range, the shot didn’t go in. The opponent’s height was small, so I attacked that part and tried a lot of shots,” he said, explaining the secret to scoring 41 points.

He is the strongest in the male middle school, the three best middle school. When asked what kind of mindset Yoon Ji-hoon had for this tournament, he said, “I set a goal and work hard to meet it.”

He scored 76 in the game that day, so he achieved his goal.

Yoon Ji-hoon exceeded 50 in 9 of the 16 games he played this year. His highest score was 86 (36 points, 12 rebounds, 13 assists) in the Association Long Finals, and his lowest score was 30 (8 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists) in the Boys’ Athletic Finals.

If the above formula is reflected in the average records of the Spring League Match and the Association long term, they are 54.2 and 55.6, respectively. It is 41.0 in the youth sports event, where the participation time was small. His 16-game average is 51.5.

To build it, he has to be more precise on every shot opportunity and can focus more on rebounding and assisting without being greedy for points.

Yoon Ji-hoon said, “I need to do more dribbling training, look ahead when receiving a pass, pass quickly when a teammate has a chance, and improve my 3-point shooting ability.” want. To do this, first of all, if you throw a shot, you have to make it go in.”

Yoon Ji-hoon averaged 20.1 points, 5.8 rebounds, 9.9 assists, 4.0 steals and 1.1 3-pointers in 16 games in three competitions held this year.

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