3 walks and sacrifice fly with 2000 hits ahead… McCutchen is such a great player

There are 3 hits left until the record. His mind may be racing, but he doesn’t lose his temper.

This is the story of Andrew McCutchen, the ‘Pirate Captain’ of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

McCutchen recorded three walks and a sacrifice fly in a home game against the Oakland Athletics on the 6th (Korean time), contributing to the team’s 5-4 victory.먹튀검증

McCutchen is not losing sight of himself even in the face of a great record. Photo =ⓒAFPBBNews = News1
In the 6th inning, with the bases loaded, Shintaro Fujinami chose to walk after an 8-pitch game. He fouled out three consecutive 100-mph fastballs on a 3-1 count and endured a ball that entered exquisitely under the border line on the eighth pitch.

In the eighth, he scored the winning run on a sacrifice fly. It was a situation where hits were greedy, but he did not waver and led the team to victory.

Coach Derek Shelton highly praised him for not forgetting to play as a team even in the face of a record, saying, “It shows how good a player he is.”

General manager Ben Charrington also joined the ranks of praise. “The process of determining the swing is really impressive. Each at-bat shows a steady content. He’s trying to figure out how to get on base, not just hit. Here he is also shown enjoying each day. He praised the veteran’s appearance, saying, “It’s a fun player to play with.”

McCutchen said, “2,000 hits is inevitable. someday i will make it That’s why he’s not stressed at all,” he said of the 2,000-hit challenge.

He continued, “I am trying not to be greedy. I’m trying to keep myself in shape. I understand the situation, and I am only aiming for good balls,” he said about his attitude at bat.

He said, “In April, there weren’t many games to win when we were behind like this. I think the come-from-behind win was great in the last series with St. Louis. I have more faith and I think my confidence has increased. We are in a very good position right now.” He also evaluated the current team’s position positively.

Pittsburgh consistently maintains a win rate of more than 50% and is not lagging behind in the competition for leading the division. Currently, with 32 wins and 27 losses, he has risen to the leading position ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers by half a game.

“It’s true we’re in a good position right now,” McCutchen said, “but we have to keep doing our part. If you keep playing winning games, you will be in a good position at the end. There are still many games left. You need to focus on the day-to-day matches, not the leaderboards. All we need is to win.”

In the game on the 6th, he showed a match between words and performance. It was a day that showed why he is a great player and why the nickname ‘Pirate Captain’ suits him.

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