3 proofs that Ohtani is ‘out of comics’, overwhelming presence among 600 WBC

 Shortly after Ohtani Shohei was selected as the MVP on the 22nd (Korean time), US national team coach Mark DeRosa said, “This is real. The WBC is real. The whole world appears on the big stage to see Ohtani fighting holy. I witnessed it. The script should be written like this.”

There has never been a defeat 메이저놀이터that expresses admiration and awe for the driving force of the opposing team’s victory so profoundly.

The New York Times (NYT) published a column titled, “The unicorn of baseball made the WBC a reality” on the same day, saying, “Shohei Ohtani showed overwhelming ability as both a batter and a pitcher, giving Japan a championship. Because of Ohtani, the status of the WBC as a must-see international tournament has risen.” Even the most authoritative media outlet in the United States, which is known for being fussy, made heroic comments.

In particular, the NYT introduced three records that show why Ohtani is the first dominant pitching player in history.

Among the 600 players who participated in this WBC, Ohtani achieved the highest exit velocity, highest pitching velocity, and longest distance on bat. In the Group B match against the Czech Republic, the exit speed of the double hit was 118.7 miles (191 km), in the quarterfinal match against Italy, he threw a fastball of 102 miles (164.2 km), and in the group match against Australia, the distance was 448 feet (136.6 km). m) into the top right outfield of the Tokyo Dome.

However, Guillermo Zuni of Colombia is tied for the first place in restraint and Juan Soto in the Dominican Republic in home run distance.

U.S. coach DeRosa said, “90% of the players in the clubhouse here at the ballpark have pitched like Ohtani in little league or youth tournaments. But he is realizing that on the biggest stage. The unicorn in baseball,” Ohtani said. Greatness was emphasized again.

Historically, the originator of the two-time hitter is known as Babe Ruth in 1918-1919. However, because there was no designated hitter in the major leagues of that era, all pitchers were required to bat. It’s just that Ruth, who was a ‘pitcher’, had a high level of batting ability, so he was given plenty of opportunities to step into the plate on his non-pitching days.

After being sold to the New York Yankees for just $100,000 in 1920, Ruth gave up pitching and devoted himself to batting. It is said that he thought that ‘dual pitching’, which reveals physical limitations, is a waste because the annual salary is the same in an era where two-time batting is essential anyway.

The New York Times said, “A record-breaking contract is approaching Ohtani,” and “Ohtani, who won the MVP in 2021, left a special achievement of achieving both at-bats and innings at the same time, which no one could have done last year. In other words, Ohtani is the first full-time pitcher. Even Babe Ruth didn’t play that much on both sides in a season.’

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