2m ‘Breaking FW’, OUT from Manchester United… 26G 2 goals → Turnhagh also exploded

 Coach Eric Turnhach finally made a decision.

It was decided to kick out the tall striker, who is almost 2m tall.

Reports have emerged that Boot Behorst, who was loaned to Manchester United from Turkiye Besiktas last winter, will spend six months at Manchester United.

The Britishㅋㅋㅋ벳 ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 5th, “Tunhach has decided not to sign a formal contract with Behorst.” “We are reviewing four candidates for the same position to bring after sending him out.”

Behorst is a ‘number 9’ type target striker recruited after careful consideration by manager Turn Hag, who let Cristiano Ronaldo go through contract termination in November last year.

Behorst, who scored just two goals in 20 games for Burnley in the Premier League last season, was playing on loan at Besiktas following the relegation of Burnley. There, he showed good goal sense with 8 goals in 16 matches, and in particular, scored multiple goals in the quarterfinals against Argentina at the Qatar World Cup held at the end of last year, tying the game that would end in 90 minutes with a score of 2-2 and leading it to a penalty shootout. After receiving points, he joined Manchester United on a six-month loan. His rent was 2.5 million pounds, or about 4 billion won.

After joining Manchester United, Behorst ran diligently, enjoying the joy of being on a prestigious team to the fullest, and got along well with the players. Coach Turnhach also showed signs that he was sincere towards him, the same Dutch striker, several times.

However, his actual skill was the problem. Since his arrival, Behorst has appeared in 13 Premier League matches, 6 UEFA Europa League matches, 4 FA Cup matches and 3 League Cup matches. He scored 0 goals in the Premier League and one each in the League Cup and Europa League.

With only two goals, there were constant voices doubting Behorst’s skills both inside and outside Manchester United, but coach Turnhach seems to have made up his mind.

Behorst has been out of position lately and it has been a month since he started as a starter. Since the game that Newcastle lost 0-3 on the 2nd of last month, he has often played for a short time as a substitute.

In the end, coach Turnhach had no choice but to draw his sword.

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