272.8 billion won ‘accounting fraud’ Juventus, 15 points cut… Possibility of relegation

Juventus, which had another record-breaking incident in Serie A after Calciopoli (Calciopoli), accepted the result of a 15-point reduction.

On the 21st (hereinafter Korean time), the Italian Football Association announced on its official website that “Juventus will be punished by a 15-point reduction and 11 Juventus executives will be suspended from their activities.”

On December 2, 2022, Juventus was accused of accounting fraud by Italian prosecutors. At the time, the prosecution filed a lawsuit against former chairman Andrea Agnelli, 11 executives, and the club.

‘Accounting fraud’ refers to the false representation of the company’s assets and income (assets and liabilities, revenue and expenses, etc.) that are disclosed externally.온라인바카라

The representative charge is ‘reducing the size of the loss’.

The prosecution said, “Juventus concealed the amount of losses for three seasons from the 2018-2019 season. The total amount is about 203.5 million euros (272.8 billion won).”

The concealed amount for each season is 44.5 million euros (59.6 billion won, 84.50 > 40 million euros) in the 2018-19 (18-19) season, 146 million euros (195.7 billion won, 236 million > 90 million euros in the 19-20 season) ), 13 million euros in the 20-21 season (17.4 billion won, 222 million > 209 million euros).

Juventus has already caused a big wave in Serie A once with the Calciopoli incident in 2006.

At the time, beyond ‘match fixing’, the media, referees, and other Serie A teams such as Lazio-Regina-Fiorentina-AC Milan colluded to make the entire league a ‘rigged league’. Juventus had to give away two championship cups due to this incident, and the 2004-05 season was corrected with ‘no winner’ and the 2005-06 season was corrected by Inter Milan’s championship, an unprecedented replacement of the winner.

This puts Juventus in 10th place with 22 points. Considering that Serie A’s average score in the relegation zone is around 30 points, the possibility of relegation still remains.

Juventus said: “The company is awaiting the announcement of the reasons for the decision and is filing an appeal with the Collegio di Garanzia dello Sport, under the umbrella of the Italian National Olympic Committee (COMITATO OLIMPICO NAZIONALE ITALIANO, CONI).”

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