2023 Passion Korea Badminton League showing ‘the beauty of 15-point badminton’

The biggest beauty of the 2023 Passion Korea Badminton League, which is in its second season, is a 15-point game. Beyond the limits of last season’s one-off competition, it provided the opportunity to see stars every week, providing the possibility of launching a badminton professional league. This season, the 15-point game is giving birth to various stories.

The 2023 Passion Korea Badminton League opens on the 17th at the Pocheon General Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do and will hold a preliminary league until the 4th of next month. It consists of 12 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams, and will play doubles, singles, doubles, singles, and singles group matches.

Unlike the previous 21-point game, this tournament will be played with a 15-point system. It is a measure taken to shorten the game time and prevent players from deteriorating their physical strength, and although it is early in the season, various game styles are emerging, drawing attention.

The reactions of the players who play the 먹튀검증15-point game are varied. Jeong Na-eun (Hwasun-gun Office) said, “Anyway, the flow is faster than the 21-point game. Since the score is low, every time I hit the shuttlecock, I hit it more carefully.” In the second half of the game, you become less conscious of the points you will win or give away.” Lee Jeong-hyeon (Pocheon City Hall) also said, “As the game flows at a fast tempo, if the score gap increases in the beginning, there is less time to narrow it down. There is no guarantee that you will not lose points in the process of narrowing the score.” “There is a mental burden because you have to focus on the game from the beginning. However, he explained the change in his game style, saying, “I play more aggressively because I have to take the initiative at the beginning of the game without sparing my stamina.”

Coaches, who have to think of player skills and detailed strategies on the bench, are preparing for the 15-point game in various ways. Pocheon City Hall coach Cha Yoon-sook said, “When I took time during the game, the content I had to tell the players seemed to be somewhat different from the 21-point game.” Due to the fact that there is little opportunity to narrow the time point gap, a lot of mental advice is given. There is a high possibility of an accident, so the burden on the player or team who is expected to have an advantage before the game is not small.”

Meanwhile, the 2023 Passion Korea Badminton League, which is underway with a total budget of 800 million won, is hosted by the Korea Business Badminton Federation, Gyeonggi-do Association, Pocheon City, Pocheon City Sports Association, Namyangju City, and Namyangju City Sports Association. Passion Gukbap, Technist, KB Financial Group, Pocheon City, Namyangju City, and the Korea Badminton Association were also named as sponsors.

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