2023 No Brand Bae High School Alumni Baseball Game, attended by Lee Man-soo Jung and others

Alumni teams will compete for the pride of their alma mater.

The 2023 No Brand Bae High School Alumni Baseball Tournament, organized by the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) and sponsored by E-Mart, will kick off with preliminary rounds for each city.

The No Brand Bae High School Alumni Baseball Tournament, which was launched last year with the goal of expanding the baseball scene in the field of recreational sports, fostering friendship among alumni and supporting baseball clubs, is expected to be a hotly contested event this year, with more than 40 schools from across the country participating.

In the inaugural tournament in 2022, the final and third- and fourth-place games were held at Gocheok Sky Dome after intense regional qualifiers and finals, with Gunsan Sangil High School (formerly Gunsan Sangil High School) defeating Bukil High School to become the inaugural champion.

This year, preliminary rounds will be held at ballparks in each province, with the first-place team from each preliminary round and the team with the best publicity for the tournament advancing to the final round of 24 at Bukil High School’s ballpark. The finals will be held at the Gocheok Sky Dome, as was the case last year.

The high school alumni baseball tournament, which thrilled baseball fans with the participation of top legends such as Cho Kye-hyun, Song Jin-woo, Jang Jong-hoon, Yang Jun-hyuk, and Ma Hae-young, is expected to bring nostalgia to baseball fans and pride to their alma mater this year, with Lee Man-soo, Han Dae-rae, Jang Won-jin, Choi Sang-duk, Park Ji-chul, Jung Geun-woo, Chae Tae-in, and Kim Sung-woon participating in addition to the players from previous years.

Some of the final tournament games at Bukil High School Baseball Field and the final game at Gocheok Sky Dome will be broadcast on Spotify, and the tournament awards will include KRW 30 million for the winning team, KRW 15 million for the runner-up team, and KRW 7 million each for the third-place teams, which will be used to support the development of baseball at their alma mater.토토사이트

KBSA Chairman Lee Jong-hoon said, “We are pleased to host the No Brand Bae High School Alumni Baseball Tournament after last year. As an attractive tournament where legendary players who have dominated Korean baseball and players who love baseball run on the field wearing the same uniform under the name of the same school, the association will do its best to make this tournament a success.”

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