1st quarter 0 points James “Davis and Russell are good”…”I knew we could play good basketball”

‘King’ LeBron James says he already knew what the Los Angeles Lakers were doing in the playoffs.

The Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors 127-97 in the 3rd game of the NBA 2022-2023 Western Conference Playoffs semifinals held at home on the 7th (Korean time) and led with 2 wins and 1 loss. Two more wins and they’ll advance to the conference finals.

James scored 21 points that day, but failed to score a single point in the first quarter.

After the game,메이저사이트 he clarified that he didn’t shoot at all in the first quarter because “Anthony Davis and D’Angelo Russell were doing well.” Davis and Russell combined for 21 of the 23 points the Lakers put in.

“I already knew we were going to do well,” James said. “I knew my teammates would play for each other, play hard and share the ball.”

“We’ve grown on the defense and put pressure on Golden State,” James said in particular.

“If we want to reach our potential, we have to defend at a high level,” he added.

Meanwhile, James was delighted that his son, Broney, went to the University of Southern California (USC).

Broney is expected to be in the NBA draft after one year at USC.

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