175 cm tall, triple A 32 home run true story…. My former colleague, national ace, is also King Jeong. “Don’t hit me a home run”

 When I first saw him, I felt ‘he’s too short…’ . He was a hitter who got a lot of hits.

But when he looks at his record, he can’t help but be amazed. He hit a whopping 32 home runs in Triple-A last year. This is the story of NC Dinos’ new foreign hitter, Jason Martin (28).

NC did not renew the contract with Nick Martini, who posted a batting average of .296, 16 homers, and 85 RBIs last year, and signed a contract with Martini for a total of $1 million. Because there is something more to look forward to than a martini.

After being drafted온라인바카라 by the Houston Astros in 2013, Martin made his big league debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2019. He later went through Texas Rangers and LA Dodgers and came to NC this year.

Martin, who played in 85 major league games from 2019 to 2021 and recorded a batting average of .26, 6 homers, and 19 RBIs, last year batted .285, 32 homers, and 107 RBIs in Triple-A for the Dodgers. .

Martin also said of his strengths, “I can hit hard balls in many directions, and I hit a lot of line drives, so I get home runs.”

What is the reason that Martin, who is 175 cm tall and shorter than Korean baseball players, can hit such a long hit?

Martin said, “As I got older, I learned how to use my body from 2019. Swings that fit my body resulted in a home run with a strong hit.” brings out the power”

There were many colleagues who encouraged me to go to Korea. Andy Burns, who played for Lotte, Anthony Alford of KT, and Mike Wright, who led the NC championship, talked a lot about Korean baseball before signing, and after signing, Aaron Altair also gave Martin advice. Martin said, “My colleagues told me that Korean baseball is at a high level,” and “They told me a lot about their experiences, such as Korean culture.

He said that he was also friendly with Yang Hyeon-jong during his time in Texas. After he signed the contract this time, he also talked with Hyeon-jong Yang, and he also revealed that Hyeon-jong Yang told him not to hit a home run against him. When asked if he was really going to hit a home run, he grinned and said, “Well…”

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