’12 runs in the first game after being discharged’, Lotte Son Seong-bin, “The report ceremony was too harsh”

“They said that I couldn’t do well from the beginning… I think I went through the ceremony too harshly.”

Lotte Giants’ next-generation host Son Seong-bin (21) expressed deep regret before his dizzying comeback.토토사이트

The confrontation between Lotte Giants and SSG Landers held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 16th was the first game in which Son Seong-bin started as a starting catcher after returning from the Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu). He was the first to team up with right-hander sidearm Han Hyeon-hee (30), and he suffered a bitter defeat 1-12.

In response, the next day (17th), Lotte coach Larry Sutton said, “It is necessary to have a different perspective. That’s why I want to talk more about Han Hyun-hee’s failure to throw the ball she wanted rather than Son Seong-bin’s result that day (16th).”

However, my thoughts were different. Son Seong-bin, who heard Sutton’s words, thanked him, saying, “Did the manager say that?”, but said, “When the game is at that level, the responsibility of the catcher is great. It is my responsibility. (Han) Hyun-hee hyung’s ball was good, but SSG hitters were really It hit well,” he said.

Even in the defeat, there was also a part of hope. A representative scene was 1 company 1st and 3rd base at the end of the 3rd inning when Lotte fell behind 0-2. At this time, first base runner Guillermo Heredia stole second base against the Son Seong-bin-Han Hyun-hee battery. However, Son Seong-bin fell right outside and threw to second base, and shortstop Lee Hak-joo tagged and the out count went up. Heredia and SSG Dugout were the perfect base stealers to refute. The highlight was that pitching coach Bae Young-soo’s surprised expression with a wide smile and a “Wow” was caught on the relay screen.

In response, Son Seong-bin said, “Right now, my strength seems to be the stealing judge. However, this position (catcher) is not an important place. I’m trying to make up for it.”

Although he experienced a major setback in his first game, Son Seong-bin is a promising catcher with a lot more left in his career. Son Seong-bin, who graduated from Hope Daecho-Shinheung Middle School-Jangan High School, was evaluated as a hexagonal catcher with ball, defense, and state in high school and was selected as Lotte’s first nomination for the 2021 rookie draft. In the first year of his debut, after showing potential with a batting average of 0.316 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.725 in 20 games, he enlisted in Sangmu and completed his military service.

As a child, he dreamed of becoming a catcher while watching Buster Posey (36, retired), the legendary catcher of the San Francisco Giants in the American Major League. Posey was selected by San Francisco with the 5th overall pick in the 1st round of the 2008 Major League Baseball Draft, and in 2010, the second year of his debut, as the starting catcher, he led the team to the World Series championship in 56 years. After that, he led two more World Series championships and won Rookie of the Year (2010), League MVP (2012), Batting King (2012), Silver Slugger 5 times, Gold Glove 1 time (2016), and was famous as a catcher in both offense and defense.

Son Seong-bin said, “When I went from the 6th grade of elementary school to the 1st grade of middle school, Posey’s play was so cool. Above all, he was a role model because he seemed to have leadership even at a young age, and I wanted to resemble that part, and it is currently in progress.” I haven’t had a private conversation yet, but he’s really good at explaining the ball mix during the game so I can understand him, so I’m trying to keep asking him and getting help.”

He used his harsh first experience as a source of nourishment for his growth. Son Seong-bin reflected, “Through this game, I felt that I had to know my team’s pitchers better than the opponent.” He defined himself as a style that tries very hard to approach and think from the pitcher’s point of view and be considerate. He continued, “I think the first team is a place where the result is more important than the process. The goal is to beat the top-ranked team in the ranking fight, but from the next game, I will try to show more as a catcher who works well with the pitcher.”

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